Little Disk Program by Industrial Facility



Industrial designers Industrial Facility have launched a collection of portable digital storage devices for LaCie, called Little Disk Program.


The collection includes external hard drives and DVD writers shorn of visible switches, sockets, feet and other details. See Industrial Facility's Sam Hecht talking about the project in this YouTube movie.

More info from Industrial Facility:


The Little Disk Program is a collection of portable, digital storage devices involving both USB and Firewire connections. Each of the products has been formed as a tool for data storage - closer to media rather than to product.


A good tool is never a gadget. A tool is something that is holistic, where each part is dependent on another, where nothing is redundant. There are no irrelevant details, no feet, no visible sockets nor switches. Each device represents a re-alignment between the virtual act of storing data and the physicality of the hardware itself.


Like a toy car that indicates its inner-workings on its underbelly, the DVD writer reveals an impression of the drive mechanism on its underside, helping to demystify its content and function. It also features the lightscribe technology for graphical indexing.

The Little Disk program will be expanded later this year, and currently includes the following configurations:

1.8inch USB: 60GB
2.5inch USB: 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB
2.5inch Firewire: 120GB, 160GB, 250GB
DVD Lightscribe USB, 8x
DVD Lightscribe Firewire 400, 8x

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  • Nice design, should we see the prices?

  • Fusspot

    Great. Another cap to misplace. How hard is it to integrate a cap? Even a hinge would suffice.

  • yes, I do agree that its a great design, too bad about the possibility of loosing the cap…. perhaps its a small burden to bare for such a good looking IT hardware!

  • Nobby

    >”perhaps its a small burden to bare for such a good looking IT hardware”

    Sheeesh! It’s just a black box. Hardly a revolutionary design. And even fag packets have unlosable caps.

  • David

    Yeh I kind of agree with Nobby not really anything revolutionary, just a nice little black box, I’d still rather buy a top of the range USB key as this still seems too big,

    I appreciate Sam Hechts work and I understand his ethos but I find his products rarely desirable and often bland compared to those of other designers that have the same “functional/modernist” approach eg Dieter Rams, Fukasawa, Morrison etc…

  • Does it takes 3 minutes to explain the reasons to make a black shiny box.
    We, designer we should stop to mentally masturbate to justify the lack of ideas and direction… where is the fun, the irreverence, the dream….

    There is so much more to be explored to re-think the boring desk landscape….

    Everybody after Apple…. let’s make it black though….

  • carson

    I understand…Its a black box, ordinary, minimal and uninteresting blending into the desktop landscape, just a tool for a job like a screwdriver.

    Theres nothing new to see here, so why bore the public by its presence ?

  • sponk

    Design by Sam Hecht? What design?

    Product for snobs by snobs. The snob even put his name on it so snobs that buy it can show it to other snobs and they can guffaw at how snobby they are.

    And then wonder where they put the lid.