Dandilight by Benjamin Hubert



Dandilight is a product exhibited at the 100% Futures show at 100% Design last week, by young designer Benjamin Hubert.


The resin-cast lamp features radiating architectural forms.


Hubert and the lamp feature in our movie about 100% Design.


Here's a bit of info from Hubert:


Dandilight - Benjamin Hubert

A range of resin cast interior lamps inspired by sprawling cityscapes and the shift towards urbanisation.


Dandilights are floor and pendant lamps embodying geometric urban environments counterbalanced with a softer organic macro form, reflecting the aesthetic of a dandelion.


Lamps are comprised of a resin cast head and a sandblasted aluminium stand (floor lamp).

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  • tiffany

    why is it so hard to be original? Even the name isn’t
    see the Dandelion lamp of MOOOI

  • Helen

    What is unoriginal about the form??

    The mooi lamp is nothing like this…forget the name concentrate on the design

  • mykster

    i’ll give a couple of reasons:
    1. simple market demand for “new”, or seemingly new things.
    2.lack of research into precendent
    3.good ol’ mimesis

  • helen

    Wel i love the design and havnt seen anything else like it…. I want one! beautiful (and original) work.

  • Christine

    Fun and whimsical, and I love the little skyscrapers ! Great design !