Mario Botta and André Ricard for Pierre Junod


Swiss watch brand Pierre Junod has launched two new watches, by architect Mario Botta (above) and designer André Ricard (below).

Below: two more photos of Ricard's watches

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  • Nuno


  • fabio


  • Chocolate

    I like Botta’s (even though I hate Modernism for the most part), but I love Ricards, though I imagine you’d have to wear it to appreciate how functional it is. Personally I don’t think the photos do it justice, where’s there a shot of it worn on a wrist?

  • Andrew

    Botta’s aren’t too bad.
    But the ones by Andre Ricard are, like the above posters have stated, horrible!

  • I’m a little sceptical about most of Junod designs and these are no exception.

  • JQL


  • designlover

    beautiful and simple!

  • wilson

    horrible !

  • JImmy


  • David B

    Not my gig….

  • dana sandor

    Is Mario Botta style,is distinct.I like the watch stile and i would lite to hold one.Richard`s watch is not my style.
    i want to study arhitecture with botta is one of the best…but how?