Barens Konstmuseum by Jacob Dahlgren and Medium


Swedish creative studio Medium has completed a mini art museum for children, contained in a wooden box inside a grown-up art gallery.

The Barens Konstmuseum (Children's art Gallery), created with artist Jacob Dahlgren, is at the Västerås Konstmuseum in Sweden. Medium also designed the House Numbers Project, which we featured back in September.

Here's some info from Medium:


by Jacob Dahlgren and Medium

Medium were invited by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren to design an art museum for children. Barnens Konstmuseum, being somewhere between a real museum and a dolls house, is currently on show at Västerås Konstmuseum, Sweden. Ett Rum Fyllt Med Idéer, New work by Stefan Edqvist is the first exhibition in the new museum.

Curator - Jacob Dahlgren
Exhibition inside the museum - Ett Rum Fyllt Med Idéer, Stefan Edqvist
Architecture by Medium
Exhibition catalogue by Medium

Jacob Dahlgren represents Sweden at this years Venice Biennale.

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  • Andrew

    Hmm, I wonder how it would feel to an artist if his work was put inside the “kid’s gallery” and not the adult one.

  • Tyler

    I wonder how it would feel to be a 6 years old genius artist and create such a things :D

  • Razif

    c’mon, i’m sure the artist would realize the ” kid’s ” context before ever presented in the kid’s gallery. Which museum would be smart enough to do so?

  • pop

    i think that i will enjoy this children museum more than the adult museum.

    the children’s eye is what differentiates a good artist from a businessman…

  • martin sisack

    is the only difference with any modern art museum the fact that its boxy and tiny? c`mon, takes more than shrink a room to make it a childrens museum!! what seems to be a really appealing and misterious box from the outside is nothing but emptines in a small dosis in the interieur.