Spur by Katrin Olina


Designer and illustrator Katrin Olina created a mural called Spur for the VIP room at 100% Design Tokyo last month.

The 15 x 3 metre artwork is dedicated to "journeys without destination".

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  • I’d be most interested to know if this was ‘painted’ directly to the wall surface, or if it was created on a smaller scale and digitally transferred via an application material, then applied to the wall?

    In any case, I like the look although I can imagine some visitors being a bit frightened by it.

  • martin sisack

    kinda creepy in the photos.. terrible lightening!!!

  • XxX Sashki XxX

    i love the grphics been used on these images and i think that furniture is dsigned on 3d max. m i right????????? stil lovin the graphics well done