Twist House by AquiliAlberg



Twist House is a proposal for an apartment where walls and floors are formed by continuously twisting surfaces.


Designed by Milanese architecture and design studio AquiliAlberg, the two-level home slots into a loft in an existing building. The architects began working on the concept in 1999 and are now developing it for private clients in Milan.


Here's a short bit of text from the architects, plus their profile:


Twist house
design AquiliAlberg


Location: Milan
Client: Private commission
Phase: Feasibility study, Preliminary design
Area: 200 sqm
Year: 2008
Design team: Ergian Alberg, Laura Aquili, Christian Ronchi


In this private loft we have developed further a design concept started in 1999 and exhibited in 2001 at the “International Generative Art Conference” in Milan.


The main idea focus on seamless joins surfaces where clean lines and sensuous curves merged together. From the entrance to the upper floor, we took the opportunity to create a new dynamic domestic language, driven by a new process in digital design and enhanced by new technology possibilities.


This new dialogue between sufaces emphasizes the complex and continuous nature of our design philosophy and the merging of disparate forms.



Laura Aquili & Ergian Alberg from 1999 worked in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rome, London and Beijing (China) for different internationally recognized offices: Zaha Hadid, OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture of Rem Koolhaas, UNStudio of Ben Van Berkel & Caroline Bos, ONL of Kas Oosterhuis and Massimiliano Fuksas. They have been responsable for different scale projects, from products design to architecture.


Found in 2006, AQUILIALBERG is a visionary, experimental and innovative international architectural and design practice based in Milan, Italy, with extensive experience in the fields of architecture, interior design, products design and graphic design on a different scale and stage levels.


In 2006 AQUIIALBERG designed the new prestigious CHRISTIE’S auction house Italian headquarter in Milan and CHRISTIE’S exhibitions in Milan and Rome.

Vertigo table, presented at the Milan Design Week 2007, is the first project with the Italian leading furniture company MOROSO. In 2007, they also designed a limited edition product for CORIAN by Dupont for the event “CORIAN: 40 years/40 designers”, a travelling exhibition presented during the Milan Design Week 2007.

Recently, they have been appointed architects for an housing projects and an ambitious touristic harbour. In parallel, they are working on new products with some of the leading design companies in Italy.

Laura Aquili & Ergian Alberg regularly write about architecture and design on different italian magazine and newspaper such as Il Sole 24 Ore, L’Arca, Progettare and L’Industria delle Costruzioni.

They have been invited at the first edition of the international event “Pecha Kucha Night” in Milan at the Triennale Bovisa along with Patricia Urquiola, Unstudio Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos and Daan Roosegaarde.

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  • sam

    Not for those who put a picture on the “wall.”
    And you thought the Guggenheim museum was tough…

  • Xavier

    I really like it! All those surfaces are so sensual, so alive!!!
    Well done! I am curious about the outcome after construction.

  • I love the first two images, there such just great art to show off the what they want to do.

  • jt

    wow! ive never seen anything like that. seriously, i have never seen anyone do that. for real, this is some groundbreaking stuff. dang, that is the next level. wow, thats f-ing interesting, man, thats interesting.

  • razif

    it gives me an idea for my installation project .haha

  • jed

    yeah wow, i wonder why no one has built like this before? i wonder why, in fact, they never will? can a room really be a kitchen just because you put the word “kitchen” over a render? can a bathroom without a toilet, sink, shower or bath really be a bathroom just because you called it that on your drawing? revolutionary.

    2 broken legs and a head concussion from falling down a 1:3 incline might temper my enthusiasm somewhat but right now i love it!!!

  • leandro locsin

    this is a stepback… the twist does not justify the spatial organization, its structural configuration, and the perspective illusion created by the twist was not utilized to a maximum. UN Studio’s Villa NM is better hundredfolds.

  • j.

    remember when UN studio already did that….

  • joachim rodriguez diaz la foza

    reminds me of the MN house from Ben van Berkel that just burnt down

  • Fanky

    Flashback to Eisenman’s virtual house. Not very good I have to say.
    All this Zahaesque architecture… it’s almost like you’re condemned once you work at that office… or thrown into oblivion.

  • pop

    amazing!!! what you can do in a shoe box!!!

  • Theo

    Nice images, but I fail to see how this could ever work as a dwelling.

    If the spaces work (and thats a big if) it could be an interesting place to visit, but this isn’t going to be a new model for the way we live.

  • achille

    will the walls really glow neon blue like they are on fire when this bad boy is built?

  • gaque

    I have to agree with everyone else on this one…labeling a room kitchen does not make it suitable for cooking, baking, eating, etc…And it is definitely true that UN Studio already did it and I think Iwamoto-Scott in California has proposed a very, very similar house…if not others, as well. Why is constricted to a rectangular box, by the eway?

  • RNNR

    isn’t it a bit cliche by now? i second the resemblance to the already built (and destroyed) UN studio project…

    furhtermore, if it’s such a shoebox, ramping/curved surfaces certainly aren’t the most efficient forms. for that matter, what are these ‘new processes of digital design’? ruled surfaces? nothing new about that…

    i digress and apologize for not having any patience today for the gratuitous use of underscores and bad typefaces with ‘digital projects’

  • vortekxt

    Amazing? Never seen anything like it? These are surely April fools pranksters’ comments, no?

    Not only did UN Studio do it, but Marcelo Spina (PATTERNS) did it, Tom Wiscombe (Emergent) did it, Ali Rahim (Contemporary Architecture Practice) did it and IwamotoScott Architecture did it (among others) in previous designs, and they all did it better as far as I can tell…

  • irresistible

    blah. every graduate student does this at some point.

  • excellent thinking, incredibly interesting!!!
    i really hope you will manage to translate this into reality, and then ….
    i want to sleep there myself at least once!
    Of course every student with a good sense of computer animations, can make similar drawings, but here it is studying if and how this could work, can be realised, together with a client, who will want ot live in it, and that’s a completely different game.
    And … in Italy, where practically everything invented after L. Da Vinci is considered impossible. Make it possible, guys, and set an example for all other italian architects who care to dream!!!

  • Gordon

    No windows? No furniture? Lovely lines but come on! This would get a real dressing down in a first year architecture crit!

  • M

    This seems more like a dwelling for a fish then for a human.

    And if you want to do something like this, forget about using straight walls AT ALL. Using both just makes the design incoherent.

  • v3

    looks like someone can use the blend tool!

  • Xavier

    This project I red started a lot earlier, and was also exhibited in 2001. It is propably part of a process, it is not and end or a manifesto. To me it’s interesting the fact that in Italy somebody could design something like that and a client would ask something like that!
    Well…we need a lot of imagination about furniture and other ‘practical’ things, but that is part our creative ‘game’ since we are all supposed to have it!
    Hope for them the client will have it too : )

  • bux

    i agree to vortekxt, its really not original

  • Fanky

    After all these comments I’m still waiting to get the “oh-all-of-you-negative-people-can-you-do-it-better?” comment…

  • eyeontheworld

    Come on….you must have noticed the date it was posted….1st April!!
    Shame on you all…………

  • jt

    i was being sarcastic, although april fools is another excuse. every architecture school student and every ‘office’ that is horny for quick kudos has designed an identical space. the whole ‘floor as wall’ ‘wall as ceiling’ thing is exhausting. dont walls already connect to ceilings and floors? why do they have to be smoothed over with putty?

    also, i love how their ‘tv zone’ is within 10′ of their ‘relax area’ with no separation between them. i guess someone who hires them might not mind living in the matrix.

  • JJ

    This is so 1997!

  • fanciulla

    I’m wandering when i’ll see the thesis of my flatmate published on Dezeen. Why don’t give him a chance too?

  • dafne

    Perhaps ‘cose your flatmate is not as good as you think…;)

  • fanciulla

    I know! He’s very bad… But why shouldn’t he publish his project when it is possible to see that crap on this blog?

  • hamilton

    i salute the housekeeper and her constant twist vacuum

  • El Greco

    UN Studio – already built it and burned to the ground

    P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S – building it in Argentina now

    Iwamoto/Scott – want to build it (Jellyfish House)

  • Fountainhead

    you gotta proof the use of it!