Chocolate pencils by Nendo



Japanese designers Nendo have created chocolate pencils for Tokyo patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu.

The pencils come with a sharpener so chocolate shavings can be grated on top of pastries and desserts.


Here's a bit of text from Nendo:


Chocolate-pencils is a collaboration with patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu, the mastermind behind popular dessert shops like Mont St. Claire and Le Chocolat de H. Tsujiguchi created a new dessert based on his impression of Nendo after conversations with us, and we designed new tableware for them.


We wanted our plates to show off the beauty of meals and desserts like a painting on a canvas. Based on this idea, our "chocolate pencils" come in a number of cocoa blends that vary in intensity, and chocophiles can use the special "pencil sharpener" that comes with our plate to grate chocolate onto their dessert.


Pencil filings are usually the unwanted remains of sharpening a pencil but in this case they're the star!

Photographs by H-STYLE/FG-MUSASHI

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  • tommi

    luvly touched

  • j.

    for all of the people out there who enjoy chewing on the end of their pencil, but hate that rubber eraser aftertaste…

  • greg

    Sorry but I don’t see the “creative” link between sharpening pencils and a chocolate dessert degustation ?

    The gesture seems too laborious to me and conjures up images of “office life” paper clips, photocopies etc.

    Maybe Crayons would have been a more fun starting point : )

  • tylerpole

    Outstanding idea! Congratulations Nendo.

  • Me


  • sweet and sharp at the same time. Just give me the 256 color tones in a box set and we are set to go.

  • Sorry, it conjures up images of lead pencils and I’m not sure I can stomach this. And like what greg said, the ‘link’ is a little far-fetched. Nevertheless, Nendo still stands as one of the most innovative designers at the moment.

  • zuy

    Fast design ?… did you see the sketches on nendo site?
    starck works like this=> see wood cake for Lenotre…1 mn 1 idea…ok other client?

  • I love it !!!

    Jo Yana

  • STrab

    Smart & irresistible!

  • Simply Brilliant! I probably just need 3. Dark, milk and white chocolate. But what’s stopping me from chewing those yummy pencils?? MMMM

  • zuy

    Jo Yana are you french? Do you know some chocolate design in Paris?

  • cp


  • quarlatee

    it’s a process – transferred and applied to another material, in this case food.

    and it’s a link between material processes for two different purposes… of chocolate shavings as decoration which has been done for years and of creating those shavings by sharpening a stick/otherwise recognised as a pencil.

    Clever stuff, simple reference. nicely done.

  • Zuy I make an article about rock by Arik Levy here :

    Jo Yana

  • Nisa

    I want one! It looks brilliant, cool stuff.

  • jinx

    when I heard chocolate pencils I thought that they’re gonna be half real half chocolate, than it will be helpful in learning: I always eat pencils while learning so chocolate would be energyzing and I wouldn’t eat rubber…but anyway mniam mniam

  • Spiffy

    Chocolate cigarettes, chocolate crayons, and now chocolate pencils. Such a cool idea although in practice I’m not sure how functional. For any one who’s ever shaved chocolate before you’d know how much of chore it is to do so. Thus a very clever design for participating chocolate enthusiasts. You’d need cold hands when handling them though otherwise ‘hello chocolate-pencil-fondue’ … bit like a leaking pen really! Hmm perhaps half the fun?

  • kayenne

    brilliant touch! and i love the plate!

  • lilly titcombe

    i want some where can u get some can u send free samples

  • screwdarules

    hmmm………. chocolate………
    is there anywhere i can get free samples? say 100 cases?

  • plz get some t’s and c’s so i can use the chocolate pencil image

  • joe

    Wouldn’t the pencils melt in your hand as you held them?

  • MoE

    can be used to write?

  • Victoria

    That is the frackingest awesome thing i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!! i mean you could just be sittin in class and be like hey im hungry then take a bite out of my pencil!!!!!!!!

  • wow that is amazing i wouldnt mind a chocolate pencil i would be chewing it all day lol amazing

  • Yummy! They sound really cool! I mean, most people chew their erasers in class, but only a select few could chew chocolate in class! Can you draw with them, too?

  • Hello, somebody knows where they are available? I want to purchase them!
    Thank you for reply

  • jas

    thats cooooooooooooooool :) im sure ALL choccy lovers will jump at the chance to have chocolate pencils!!!! i certainly will does anybody know where you can buy them?????

  • Carm

    Im a Fan!! I love the idea!! I love chocolate! =)

  • e.a

    =]=]=]=]]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE SEND THEM TO BLACKBURNNNNNN!!!!! IM A CHOCOHOLIC!!! P.S HOW MUCH ARE THEY ?

  • donna

    yumm, i would probably eat themmm!!!!

  • choccie

    I luv the idea, can u plz tell me where to get them and how much r they coz my mum luvs chocolate desserts and she luvs making them and these would be gr8 4 her bday prezzie. Thnx. xoxoxox

  • louise

    i’ll take three thousand

  • Hum soo delicously romantic :) feel like writing and writing and…

  • Pauline

    That’ll be so handy! It’ll be much easier to make chocolate shavings. I hate knifes, what if I cut myself?

  • I am super late . . . but this is fantastic . . . Nendo strikes again!

  • Zoom

    Nice! I like to chew pencils (?) but this… Yummy!:D



  • yummy i will be like in the middle of the class .
    i need chocolate hey i can eat my pencil even though it sounds wrong

  • I love the "novelty"of the chocolate pencils– but I see the practicality too– I bake– alot, and I don't always employ the latest technologically advanced cooking utensils- so I get out my "rough" on the knuckles grater and end up with 1020 small chunks of choclate at the end. I think placing dessert on the table and allowing everyone to chose their chocolate and grate themselves is "funky" and would add a sweet little twist to any dessert experience.

  • Are these available for purchase?