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AMO, the research arm of Office for Metropolitan Architecture, recently unveiled their design for new experimental and exhibition spaces for the Prada Art Foundation near Milan.


The development will involve transforming an early 20th-century industrial site south of Milan and adding an exhibition building, auditorium and museum tower to the existing seven structures.


The complex will accommodate events dedicated to cinema, design, architecture, philosophy, fashion and performance, as well as housing selections of works from the Prada Foundation collection. Above image © AMO*OMA
“We plan to add three new structures that vastly extend the range of its facilities and accommodations” says Rem Koolhaas of OMA. “The new Foundation is intended as a collection of artifacts that encounters several architectural typologies. Above image © AMO*OMA


"Not only will the range of spatial conditions be extended, but also the range of contents itself: apart from spaces for assembly and performance, both Prada’s and Luna Rossa’s archives will be opened, establishing a continuity of creative and intellectual effort


Above image © AMO*OMA

Photographs by Roberto Marossi, courtesy of Fondazione Prada unless otherwise credited.
Here's some text from the Prada Foundation:
Unveiling the Prada Foundation
AMO, the think-tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) was commissioned by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli to design the intervention on and transformation of an early 20th -century industrial site south of Milan to create new experimental spaces for the Prada Art Foundation.


The total exhibition space of 17,500 m2 will comprise 7,500 m2 of an existing industrial complex and approximately 10,000 m2 of new buildings. The complex will house the Foundation’s different events, which will be dedicated to disciplines ranging from cinema to design, architecture to philosophy, and fashion to performance. It will further include a permanent exhibition space for displaying the result of more than 15 years of the Foundation’s activities in the form of large-scale installations.


The Prada Foundation’s new art centre and permanent exhibition space is situated in a location that includes buildings dating from 1910 belonging to one of Milan's first manufacturing companies. Preserved in their original conditions, there are seven different existing structures of warehouses, laboratories and brewing silos surrounded by a large courtyard.


AMO’s project adds an exhibition building, an auditorium and a museum tower to the existing structure to house selections of works from the collection. The project’s unique approach includes the idea of the co-existence of contemporary architecture with the regeneration of an historic area, representing the evolution of the industrial development of Milan that continues to the present day.


The project is lead by Rem Koolhaas with Alexander Reichert and is the latest in a series of OMA-AMO Prada collaborations that have resulted in the epicenter stores, catwalks for fashion shows, exhibitions and T-Shirt designs.


Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli founded the Prada Foundation in 1993, with the artistic direction of Germano Celante beginning in 1995. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, generated by passion for contemporary art.


Since its inception, the Foundation has commissioned and produced special installations in close collaboration with artists such as among others Anish Kapoor, Marc Quinn, Carsten Höller, and Thomas Demand.


Above photograph by Frans Parthesius, © OMA















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  • tom

    the world needs more spaces like this.

  • fran

    muy buen proyecto el de AMO, me molestaba la irrealidad y formalismo que habían estado mostrando las filiales de koolhaas. Este proyecto parece abordar las situaciones desde un punto de vista muy distinto.

  • ericonji

    it really sux

  • I love it. Where can we get more info? What’s that big building for, for example?

    How is it going to all work? Is it anywhere near Etaly?

  • Gabs

    Let’s hurry up, people, or all the designer brands will be taken! I want Louis Vuitton!!!

  • Architecture Nowadays…

    I haven’t seen such a refreshing project from AMO, OMA or whatever, for a long time. The images say it all. Well done!

  • Siento mucho tener que decirlo, pero AMO*OMA cada vez más se está fosilizando. Puede sorprender a aquellos que están conociendo la obra de esta “empresa”. Hoy día se puede ver como los proyectos que salen de AMO*OMA son reediciones más o menos umplugged de los verdaderos proyectos de Koolhaas, este, por ejemplo, no es sino un ZKM + Biblioteca Nacional de Francia remasticado.

    Ciertamente el estilo lo convierte en algo atractivo, pero creo que se ha perdido precisamente aquello que buscaba Koolhaas en un principio: utilizar los estilos como elementos de un lenguaje mucho más complejo. Esto no es sino la banalización de tantos años de investigación, creo que el “branding” ha llevado a que AMO*OMA deje de tener las agallas como para hacer las preguntas más incómodas para sacar a la luz las respuestas más incómodas.

    Rem… te has convertido en pura imágen… mucho más que el ¥€$ MAN

  • serg

    esto de acuerdo contigo Aksel pero un proyecto no puede ser la medida de lo que vendra, hay que recordar que los clientes tambien piden marcas