Dezeen’s top ten: houses



Dezeen's (only just) monthly top ten: each month we present a hit parade of stories from our archive. Here are the stories about residential housing projects that were most popular during March:

1: In first place is 10×10 Housing Project by Tom Dixon, Shigeru Ban, David Adjaye et al - an ongoing project to develop affordable housing solutions in Cape Town. Top image: house design by Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens. Above: house design by Mark Dytham and Ruben Reddy (Story viewed 6,820 times in March 2008).


2: House in Sendai-Kasumi by Kiyonobu Nakagame - a home on a hill overlooking Sendai in Japan (viewed 6,190 times).


3: Passive Houses by Kjellgren Kaminsky - a design for a prefab, low-energy house (viewed 4,412 times).


4: Twin Houses by Terry Pawson Architects - designs for two private homes at Kingston Upon Thames near London (viewed 3,790 times).


5: Casas Lago by Adamo Faiden - low-cost housing in Buenos Aires (viewed 3,695 times).


6: Two stories about this project - also part of the 10x10 Housing Project that is in first place in this list - made it into the top ten: Sand-bag houses by MMA Architects 3 (viewed 2,873 times) and Sand-bag houses by MMA Architects 4 (viewed 2,164 times).


7: Your Wall House by FAR frohn&rojas - plans of the popular tent-house in Chile are now available for sale (viewed 2,190 times).


8: 63.02° house by Schemata Architecture Office - named after the angle at which it meets the street (viewed 1,728 times).


9: Parabola House by Atelier Tekuto - another gem from the Tokyo suburbs (viewed 1,728 times).


10: Alan-Voo Family House by Neil M. Denari Architects - a family home in Los Angeles (viewed 1,917 times).

That’s it for now. Next month: top ten stories from Milan.

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  • Loretta

    simple and beautiful

  • Isa

    I stared blankly at the screen after I realize these all took features from Winnabegos.

  • o waaaooooooooo

  • alftehab resedent in sudan after 2year sample top ten houses dont forget this

  • great post boys!!!

    I don’t like “passive houses”, but 63.02° house is cool…!

  • Where are the Dezeen’s top ten?
    A B O V E?
    omg part III!

  • favorite……. #10: Alan-Voo Family House by Neil M. Denari Architects –
    Home can sell itself with no Realtor, necessary, all thoe it would be enjoyable to do so!

  • fred

    Garbage! The lot of them.

  • john graham

    squares squares. all the same. someone save me from regurgitated modernism.

  • Guy


  • Magnus

    I’m an engineer spending my days confined to a Dilbert box.

    I’m amazed and, frankly, disgusted that a major trend in house building is to extend the Dilbert box geometry also to the exterior of houses.

    While I’m not sure I like the Kjellgren Kaminsky house a lot, at least it’s not a Dilbert house, and it does have it’s own style. Respect !


  • Alexys

    They all are very beautiful and efficient. Very creative I have the land, now if I only had money.

  • segun makinde

    i have a picture of my dream home, can you help put it to reality.

  • GrukBruk

    the kaminsky house me like

  • trimtab21

    regarding the sandbag house, if you want to see really cool architecture using sandbags, go to and check out the work by Nader Khalili

  • jun

    I’m amazed, nice house!

  • child porn star

    As the saying goes, Those who live in glass houses…

    shouldn’t ever wack off.

  • nice houses…

  • miriam flores

    the house is amazing to have sex.

  • Nelson Gaviola

    Please provide me latest modern house style and sent thru my email.



    I am very happy to see your house design model in your web,may tou please send me some so that I can choose the best for my own house.


  • alista

    hi, i will like to see more please, if u don’t mind.

  • very good work in every things

  • ruchi

    wow…….. really nice…..

  • Not so homey but they are good.