Jaime Hayón at Spazio Rossana Orlandi



Milan 08: designer Jaime Hayón exhibited his Fantasy collection for Spanish porcelain brand Lladró, alongside shoes he designed for Camper and his new book Jaime Hayón Works, published by Die Gestalten Verlag.


The exhibition was held at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan last month.


See our previous story for more information about the book and details of how to enter our competition to win five signed copies.

See also our previous story for more on Hayón's shoes for Camper.


Here's some more information from Hayón Studio:


Three new projects were presented at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan, in April 2008: The Fantasy Collection for Lladro, Hayón's shoes for Camper and his monograph titled WORKS by Gestalten.


The creations in The Fantasy collection, which Hayón has designed for Lladró, mirror the perfect fusion between the artistic quality of the Spanish porcelain brand and the playful, fantasy quality the designer brings to his works.


Hayón has designed a shoe collection for Camper. It is characterized by the fusion of styles, soft and organic forms and the surprising mix of materials that define the personality of the wearer.


Jaime Hayón Works, the first monograph about the renowned creative, presents the full spectrum of his work. Ranging from clear and harmonious to playfully extravagant, all of the examples in this book attest to his inimitable grasp of form, style and colour.

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  • bald skull

    ya know, at first, meaning a while ago, i thought all his stuff was goofy chilfish rubbish. and i would skim past it and not say anything cause i guess i hated it.

    but not, well, i still find it goofy and childish, but less rubbish and i appreciate the vast range of his work. and of his skill.

    so, kudos to him and the support he’s gotten from the scene.

  • Bonzo

    Gosh, what a lot of tat.

    Mr. Hayon obviously fancies himself as an update on Mr. Starck, with his ‘wild and crazy guy’ protrait – so wacky!

    I can’t help but imagine the scene when The Big Designer (ie. God, supposing he exists) drops by for tea some aeon on Earth to check out what those mortals that he bequeathed the Gift of Design have been doing all this time. Think of that internet photo of the toddlers left alone for a couple of hours that have set about painting the television set and sofa, etc.


    That is the level of competence. God is the horrifed parent.

  • jerom vals

    simply fantastic ! AMAZING WORK .

  • eng sang

    Sorry Bonzo you need to get more culture my friend . As far as i know
    Hayon has a great identity, he works with this german or dutch amazing artist ..

  • Bonzo

    eng sang
    you are so right – he is working with that German or Dutch amazing artist. My mistake…

  • Martin Davies (for Antón Marí)

    I like designers who come up with things that are fresh and extravagant at the same time, breaking the ‘Classic Style’ mould. My sister sold Lladró in the 1980s to American and English tourists in Ibiza. Absolutely fabulous then – and still AbFab now. ‘¡A seguir improvisando….!’

    Antón Marí