Cast Desk Tidy by Benjamin Hubert



Young British designer Benjamin Hubert has created Cast Desk Tidy for Japanese homewares brand Welmade Products.


Hubert says: "The desk tidy has specific cast shapes in the top surface, designed to fit your stationary, encouraging a thoughtful process of pencil selection and stationary display rather than the conventional 'throw it all in a pot approach'."


See our earlier story on Hubert's Dandilight.

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  • CPCP

    come on dezeen …

  • Zenza


    Why is this featured here?

  • Fling

    A terrifying insight into the mind of a serial killer.

  • jed

    i love it and want one.

  • esraa salah

    very nine.
    i loved it.

  • edward

    “methinks it but a bauble”

  • laru

    i agree – why on earth is this better than a simple cup? i mean, where do put my architectural (the triangular) ruler? where do i put my non-conforming fountain pen or other objects?

    i understand his ‘polemic’, but sadly i’m not sure he understands the limitations that polemic has placed on his thinking. and at a time when we all need to be as elastic in our thinking as possible.

    it’s fine if you want to do this for your own desk, but to actually put it into production…

  • Theo

    Sadly, I have more than 2 tria markers.

  • Frankie

    Anal retention is always something designers and especially architects :) need to flee from and this creation definately doesn’t help.

    Its a good feeling to mix up your pencils and see how “fire” orange resonates along side “hulk” green.

  • zuy


  • JC

    For me design is about bringing freedom, not reducing it by imposing a path to follow.

  • zuy

    OK with JC but i like some other designs by Benjamin …

  • bioz segundo

    not functional

  • meh.. in theory maybe, but practically? I don’t think so..

  • RD

    Is this deviation into neo-modernist ideology the result of a detailed investigation into the rituals of use of the 21st Century workplace? Or just a rather lazy attempt at some micro social-engineering, that attempts to answer a problem that doesn’t exist in the real world? I’m sure Le Corbusier would love this rigid compartmentalisation, I’m unmoved.

  • Ryan

    I completely, wholeheartedly agree with laru.

  • Can’t help pointing out the difference between “stationary” and “stationery”…! ;)

  • Roy

    To each their preference….some days I’m Felix and organize, some days I’ll pull an Oscar. they do look neat though.

  • zuy

    “encouraging a thoughtful process of pencil selection and stationary display rather than the conventional ‘throw it all in a pot approach’.”…
    So it’s a game , a thoughtful process ….it’s not functionnal , not funny and not a rubik cube too… I use an old Starck astray in bakelite… it’s not Ok as ashtray but OK for pencils…

  • zuy

    I love the soup bowl….but may be this one is for japon only…

  • Zack

    Who cares if your try-square doesn’t fit inside it?
    It wasn’t designed to be a complete solution to all your stationary needs…
    As it is, I think it does the job its designed for very well and looks amazing.

  • fm

    killing mosquito with canon

  • creartist

    What is it made out of?