House V by 3LHD architects



House V is the latest project from Croatian architects 3LHD.


The family house is situated on a slight hill near to the Medvednica mountain in Zagreb, Croatia.


Photographs by Damir Fabijanic.


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The following information is from 3LHD architects:


House V was designed in order to satisfy the needs of a family. Applying communication between the common and individual rooms, the facilities and functions of the space have been connected into a single unit that creates a comfortable living area for a family.


The house is situated beneath Zagreb mountain Medvednica, on a relatively mild hill that stretches from south to east. The formed building direction and the quality of the landscape have directly influenced the position of the house.


The house is closed on the north side along the street and opens up into a large private garden thus creating a sense of intimacy for family life.


The ground floor is intended for the common activities of the inhabitants, with a gradual staircase connecting the serene living area to private rooms on the first floor.


Exits to the outdoor landscape are possible from the pool on the southern side, the porch area on the southeastern side, along the glass front of the living room and from the commercial part on northeast side.


The open ground floor is directed towards the outside area while the partly enclosed first floor with a terrace only symbolically plays with the relationship of the intimate and transparent.


The longitudinal volume that breaks amply is included in the dynamic by vertical openings on both floors on the western facad e. With its shape and careful fit into the surrounding landscape, House V stands out distinctly from the buildings around it.


















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  • alex

    Lepo, lepo…

  • edward

    With what looks to be a design parti to max out the interior sq. footage, the exterior facade and massing are commercial to say the least. Uninspiring? But the rewards are spacious interiors with a full compliment of ancillary service areas. The simple detailing and furnishing of the interior more than makes up for any disquietude about the sacrifice of home as object d’art Wooden window frames might ameliorate the commercial aspect, but then maybe cost was a factor here to. My take anyway. If I can come up with any metaphysical metaphors I will amend my remarks.

  • roadkill

    looks decent… would be nice to have some close up shots of the external details…

  • sam

    The exterior looks like a medical center or nursing home.

  • K. Rimane

    much prefer the indoor. i don’t care much about the building look. Quite boring i’d say.

  • hamilton

    stairs are great. seems like a nighttime house though

  • Mattia

    That staircase is niiiiiiiiiice. The rest: so-so.

  • Fling

    It reminds me of my dream house design – it subtly twirls with the symbolic golden tress of outside while coyly smiling metaphorically over the shoulder and beckons intimately with a gradual spiral to make a playful and spatial reference with a twirl of transparent private skirt to reveal a shapely come hither rear yard, positioned comfortably between family friendly mild hills.

  • hydrolux


  • tommi


  • don’t love the facade at all, but the interior is quiet lovely! beautiful double-heights!

  • This ‘house’ looks like an office block.
    I think you would have to be an android to live in it.
    I do like that staircase though…

  • esraa salah

    the interior design is very good.
    i loved it.

  • Staircase is nice, the spandrells render and externior combined with the dull landscaping gives it the call centre just off the motorway look… maybe if the roof was more pitched, it could have more teeth.. cant knock em for tryin tho!

  • jonny c

    what a waste of money

  • The interiors are very good and the stairs are great! yet same funcional aspects, as the lack of a bathroom for the users of one of the rooms, and the exterior facades are a bit disapointing. the facades realy don’t transmit the feeling of a good private home, more of a small office building with hidden rooms.

  • enjoy

  • nmo

    i want to live here. really, really badly. it is beautiful.

  • floyd landis

    My old boss used to do crap like this in the 50’s and 60’s. Not very site specific is it? Is the opposite of ‘Green’, Brown?


    a lot of concentration and detail has been given to the interior.Being a final year architecture student i personally prefer simple exteriors myself,but here i feel exterior could have been more interesting.but its nicely done ,i really like it.

  • Najah al saffaf

    the stair case ….. just amazing …..

  • soukane zino

    it would be good if we had more informations about the forme of the house/why this changing of the forme when we see nabour’s houses