Loveseat by Jake Phipps



Milan 08: Loveseat by London-based designer Jake Phipps has been put into production by Italian manufacturers RIVA1920.


The double seat is made from solid cedar and can be used indoors or outside.


The product was launched at the furniture fair in Milan last month.


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  • lin

    wow cool. how weird.. sitting on a carved out cut-out piece of a 40 year old tree!

  • Fling

    Picture 1: our hero loveseat is in the shop about to be bought by Mr Swankypad.
    Picture 2: Mr Swankypad attempts to make Loveseat at ease by providing him with blanket and cushions at home in Chez Swankypad. Poor Loveseat spies with horror some baby loveseats ablaze on the fire altar thing.
    Picture 3: Mr. Swankypad leaves front door open…He’s off!! Down the garden and away!
    Picure 4: With the furniture police in hot pursuit, our hero is Somewhere In Cumbria…

    To Be Continued…

  • L.Leng

    This one is my favourate.

  • M.

    oh my god. imagine how old that tree is…
    at least 20 years.


  • edward

    That baulk belongs in the home of some rude rustic, not the elegant perfection of that domicile. . Begone!

  • tommi

    poor tree, but guess it would be d’ ideal material for such form…

  • dudenw


  • Honggo

    a treeman was murdered

  • zetre

    So you can’t make furniture out of wood anymore??

  • Nice sculpture but not so “Europe-green”, nowadays the buyer are sensibilized… the sit-concept would works also in concrete (white beton) with only the sit area in wood!?

  • Sam

    if this is called ‘love seat’ and has two people on it, wouldnt they be seated facing the opposite sides? is that aesthetically a correct name? why am i even getting bothered to comment!

  • CPCP

    i think ‘chatseat’ or ‘idliketodiscussthisfacetofaceseat’ would be more appropriate – aint gonna be no love-makin’ across that central spline/edge

  • mert ucer

    i can’t stand seeing a cedar like this.

  • edward

    I agree that it’s a terrible waste of a cedar tree. Much better to leave it alive.
    As for the loveseat configuration, I suspect it’s from Victorian times when sex didn’t exist in polite society and a young virgin would naturally be more comfortable sitting next to a young gentleman in a way that would preclude roving hands oh say, massaging her thighs. Why anyone would want to resurrect this form is anyone’s guess. I suspect like most high end pieces, it is designed to look attractive or exclusive rather than functional.

  • Winnie

    i love to see the patterns of the grain of wood, but i think its too much a waste of wood..

  • William

    the reason its called a love seat… is because one person can sit in each seat and stare into each others eyes directly. not because you shag on it! thats called a bed people….or a car bonnet.

  • Me

    “i can’t stand seeing a cedar like this.” Lol

  • sympa comme tout

  • zuy

    Love seats as Harim Rashid pink’s seats for a french champagne company
    Nice wood work but is it green?

  • zuy

    i love the movie by Veuve Clicquot/ LVMH

  • zuy

    Williams pink karim explains the love seat…so the storytelling is the same
    but the product is in an other planet

  • zuy

    On wall street journal , the loveseat of english based Jakes phipps…is in a pink version so NYC pink star designer Karim is not so far …

  • zuy

    i love Matthias Pliessnig’s seat wave seat

  • zuy
  • zuy

    differents versions of Jake phills’s love seat (pop zen design )compared also to Karim one in french blog

  • ouch from the poor tree – and it doesnt look very comfortable –

  • Jamie

    I would totally buy this. (:
    It looks pretty comfortable.

  • Warm thing.

  • how romantic.. wonderful!!

  • Tobi Aking

    I feel in love with this piece, the moment I saw it. It is kind of a shame it’s not green but I think it works best like this, furthermore it’s guaranteed to last a life time. Could I have one made to order?

  • giiik

    Green, not green, waste of a tree…?! How big are the trees planks are made from, what do you think? Or should we ban all wooden structures and simply make everything from plastic?
    People are planting those trees, you know… it’s not like you go into the Amazon forest and cut one because you want to sit on something… wake up, people, environmentalists are messing with your heads.

    Beautiful piece of art though…

  • andy burgess

    I am a wood sculptor and I have just made one of these – looks very similar. I made mine from a huge piece of oak. The weight of it is incredible. The oak I used was part of a tree that had to be removed due to age/poor condition, so the fact that I made it into something is much, much better than it being either burnt as firewood or chucked into landfill !
    They aren’t really meant to be comfortable but they look amazing

  • this is very old tree. And its seem very modern