London's Largest Living Room by
Studio Weave and Eley Kishimoto



Designers Studio Weave and fashion designers Eley Kishimoto have collaborated on a range of super-sized street furniture for the London Festival of Architecture, which started last week.


Called Vistas, the range has been placed at venues across London starting in the courtyard at Somerset House, where last weekend they formed a temporary installation called London's Largest Living Room (shown here).


The furniture is designed by Studio Weave with a pattern by Eley Kishimoto. Creative direction is by Gerrard O'Carroll.


The London Festival of Architecture continues until 20 June.


Photos are by Ben Graville.

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  • Fling

    Yes, but you can’t close the curtains and have a wank, can you?

  • Marcelo

    hoooo jesus this is sooo ugly !!!!

    • emma

      I agree!

  • rodger

    how do these people get these kinds of commissions when they are so clearly clueless? this is truly horrible.
    they should be designing for disneyland.

  • Dhoo


  • Fbot

    Nothing to wank over there……….

  • bibo architect


  • Why does somebody become some money to do this?!

  • Vico

    darling, I wish you wouldn’t vomit on the lamp after drinking too much egg nog with your salami sandwiches.

  • jeff K

    I just got punched in the eyes.

  • JuiceMajor²

    More like fashion than Architecture!

  • ooops.. sorry.. I puked a little in my mouth.

  • ok again i like what everyone else doesnt. love the whimsy of this – cartoonish and funky – i dont think it is meant to be taken so seriously people

  • Kc

    London talking about ecology? carbon footprint? depleting earth resources? raising price of resources? save the trees?
    Come on design to help the environment and what is this to help? use the money wisely for goodwill!!!
    Don’t use the word design to entertain, theres enough junk in this world!

  • Enough already.

    This is a direct quote from the Fetsival of London Architecture Director, Peter Murray in his own Blueprint Magazine, explaining why they changed the name from Architecture Biennale to Festival.- “outside of art and architecture, people don’t EVEN know how to PRONOUNCE biennale, let alone know WHAT IT MEANS”.

    Has anyone heard anything so paternalistic and patronizing from anyone entrusted with so much public money in the last 50 years? He only needs to tell us how we should be civilized next, that through such a festival we can learn how to be civilized?

    This ‘event’ at Sommerset House draws a direct spotlight onto unto the peerless waste and indulgence of the people behind and involved in organising this festival. It is clear that it lacks intellectual integrity, value for money and taste. It feels like the last days of the British Empire; aloof, almost entirely unaware of its excesses, the poverty it created and the snowball of resistance and freedom building from the people it thought it was ‘looking after’ and helping.

    I have a feeling this will be the last year for the Festival. Such waste, indulgence and paternalism is out of date.

  • zuy

    ugly is trendy…. is it post Wanders design?