Victorian Grandfather Chair and Chippendale Writing Desk by Adam Rowe


New Designers 08: graduate designer Adam Rowe has produced a range of furniture made from oriented strand board (OSB).


Rowe used the material, which is made of bonded wooden strips, in his Victorian Grandfather Chair (above) and Chippendale Writing Desk inspired by Chippendale furniture (below).


By using OSB and traditional production methods, Rowe says he wants to challenge "the misconceptions of material aesthetics and the value placed on material".


"The Victorian Grandfather Chair combines traditional craftsmanship and high quality leather with a modern cheap sustainable material," he adds.


Rowe uses OSB made from sustainable wood sourced in the UK. The designs were presented at New Designers in London last month.


Rowe graduated from University College for the Creative Arts in Rochester, England this year.

Posted on Monday August 18th 2008 at 4:54 pm by Rob Ong. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • mic

    looks like furniture from mid nineties computer games with bad mapping… wouldn’t want to have it at home.

  • zoltán

    i’m sorry Adam but this is just wrong. What value is this to society? or anyone? Its not esthetically pleasing- ok, but then at least it should be useful… more consumer crap!!

  • christopher

    Aesthetically questionable (looks blah, feels blah); its visual (and probably, literal) weight is the biggest negative.

  • K. Rimane

    dezeen, this is a good example that a “rubbish/junk” section is needed in here.
    What a waste of material. This is pollution!

  • zuy

    student ?

  • edward

    I am not wild about the chairs, but the desk is a hoot, the trad contures but out of OSB. About time we accepted OSB for what it is an ditched the cheap, phony, veneer.

  • Maxence


  • Zenza

    Can someone shoot me on the head please?

  • John K

    sustainable doesn’t mean recycling some crap to produce another crap. you were supposed to bring some class to a recycled material , not make it look even worth.

  • N1111111111

    Proportions are wrong, colors are wrong, execution is poor. Can anybody tell me where did good taste go????

  • Honkie

    Awful chairs, great desk.

  • monsieur!

    god this is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my whole life – i just had to pour salt into my eyes to clear the image burnt onto my retina’s – dezeen i trust you’ll be footing the bill for the corrective eye surgery i now require thanks to your heartless uploading of the shitboard abortion!

    adam rowe you are worse than hitler

  • Oops.

  • Azeem

    Looks like an amateur tryin to learn 3d modelling in a computer software !!

  • BB

    Please have a little respect.

    “Adam Rowe you are worst than Hitler” – Dezeen comments are hitting an all time low…
    Its totally shocking that people are allowed to disrespect others hard work in such a public forum.

    Its design – it should not raise so much hatred and animosity.

  • edward

    In fact photo #4, looks like it could be of big-leaf maple burl, in the right light.
    I think this has great potential. But they would weigh a ton.

  • Interesting, but it is only artistic provocation. In fact those pistures seems to be nice visualisations. Look at the corners of furniture. OSB strand board has rough edges, hard to make sharp corners as shown on pictures.
    Anyway I like it :)

  • Jen

    Hey, OSB is a good material. There are people using it correctly, not like these things. Check the Spot Jamming chair by Emiliano Godoy

  • Xit

    This is like “Design Idol” and we are Simon Cowell.

    Next !…..

  • mckraus

    Have a look at
    much nicer;)

  • tony

    I saw this design at first.

  • Matt

    Ha ha, worse than hitler. Maybe you should tell him what you really think. Got to love the internet for allowing people the freedom to express the first emotion that comes to mind instead of saying ahh yeah Adam thats good, yeah good work. And then walking away and mumbling under your breath. wow, what crap.

    So, for my two cents. I like the idea, I’d sit on it, but I wouldn’t pay for it

  • bravo Matt.

  • b0d

    i think it's quite fun and bold… plus it got people talking, thus, mission acomplished =D

  • Dennis

    Idiots. This is awesomeness.