The Changing Room by UNStudio



UNStudio will create an installation called The Changing Room at the Venice Architecture Biennale, which opens in September.


The installation will be part of the main biennale exhibition curated by Aaron Betsky and called 'Out there: architecture beyond building'.


The Venice Architecture Biennale runs from 14 September - 23 November.

The following information is from UNStudio:


UNStudio – The Changing Room, Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008

For this year's international architecture biennale in Venice UNStudio has produced ‘The Changing Room’ as part of the exhibition 'out there: architecture beyond building' curated by Aaron Betsky.


The UNStudio installation in the Arsenale explores the transformative potential of the material world. Just like clothes designers, architects offer alternate looks and identities, age and income-appropriate shells. These constructions consist of a miscellaneous package of endogenous and exogenous values; things and ideas that inherently belong to architecture and its traditions, and things and ideas that do not, but that nevertheless profoundly influence architecture.


How to deal with this? Can architecture still have autonomy? According to UNStudio the lesson is to ‘switch it on, switch it off’… to find autonomy in brief moments of liberation.


The installation structure shows an architecture that is as supple as textile, in which floors, walls and ceilings flow into each other. On the inside, the visitor encounters a kaleidoscopic world of people posing, inviting voyeurism, and seeking transformation in their own conceptualizations of the changing room.


UNStudio, The changing room – couture of architecture

Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Christian Veddeler and Hans-Peter Nuenning, Steffen Riegas

Light design with:
meso digital interiors, Frankfurt

Engineering and building:
p&p gmbh, Fuerth/Odenwald

Subsidized by:
The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Rotterdam
The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam

Sponsored by:
Arup, Amsterdam
Caparol GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt
G&S, Amsterdam
Pieters Bouwtechniek, Amsterdam
P&P GmbH, Fürth/ Odenwald
Rendertaxi, Aachen
Resopal GmbH, Gross-Umstadt
Sorba, Winterswijk

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  • Vico

    An fat guy mistakenly approves of his silhouette in the changing room mirror, not noticing the roll of lard sticking out over the waistband of his fashionably skinny jeans.

  • Név*

    Wow, that’s definitely not by Hadid.

  • Fred

    What was that ?

  • K. Rimane

    too many dead corners and man, why changing a room by reducing its size unjustifiably ?
    unpractical and unimpressive.

  • eric luyckx

    people fascinated by their own miscomprehension off 3d space !

  • MW

    unjustifiable, unpractical and more, but very impressive

    who cares about practical stuff in this situation?

  • Fred

    Too many beautiful things here!

    Where can I buy this ?

  • Simply beautiful !

  • Ris’.

    not sure about this.
    but i really would like to walk through.

  • gaque

    this fluid wall-floor-ceiling stuff is tired…i think you should stop pursuing it.

    how about posting some of the inspiring work from betsky’s venice show? (ex. p. rahm or an te liu)

  • PUFF!!

    I did not undersatand a thing sorry UN, mostly ur work is very interesting but this one….I can not judge. At least If the office is taking time to publish this, please be as rigurous as the work done to explain ideas in a clear manner.
    Or it will be just “cool” shapes without architecture = concepts

  • rebecca

    Embarassingly unambitious.

    Student project from 8 years ago.

  • olgv.

    adooooorable ;)

  • freedom

    how esoteric.

  • Rockstar

    Perfect fit for the Biennale theme!!!: ‘Out there, Architecture beyond Building’ Finally some good stuff after the embarrasing Ricky show last time.

    Looking forward to go to Venice this fall.

  • Bob

    this room needs another room to put in

  • qil

    good sculpture!

  • Doctor Scruffknuckles


    This is terrible, I could do better give the chance. It means nothing and is not architecture.

    How about getting Zaha to deisgn something for this Bienalle?

  • yrag

    I really like what I see, but currently I have no understanding of the relationship between images 1 and 2 with 3, 4, 5 and 6, and their relationship with the last aggregate image. But I guess that’s why it’s called “The Changing Room”. Presumably you, (ie. me) has to be there.

  • El Greco

    Isn’t “architecture beyond building” called sculpture?

    It is a beautiful sculpture, although I agree with Rebecca, looks like very many student projects since 1998… “continuous surface is floor, walls, ceiling (cue remaining speech by sleep deprived, blurry eyed architecture student to bored jury)…”

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  • max nilov

    One should not forget Luciano Baldessari 1896 – 1982 Breda Pavillion – a masterpiece that all architects are familiar with as an embedded subliminal reference.

  • Janai

    love it

  • MRA

    anybody knows what kind of material they used to build this