Clock Delay by StudioBloomm



Dutch designers StudioBloomm have produced a clock that displays the hours, minutes and seconds on three separate cogs.


Here's some info from the designers:

Concept: We buy products, use products and when they are broken, we throw them away. Rarely we repair. In this way we lose our sense of interest in technology. Clock Delay brings this feeling back.


Technique: A mechanism consisting of three cogwheels: one for hours, one for minutes, and one for seconds. No pointers needed: the time is shown at the point where the wheels nearly meet.


Material: Clock Delay has been carried out in Stainless Steel & Aluminium. Produced in The Netherlands.


Dimensions: L35 W35 H48 cm

Design: STUDIObloomm, Bas van Leeuwen, The Netherlands

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  • Zenza

    Too confusing. I don’t even know where to look.

    Plus… it’s a bit ugly.

  • K. Rimane


  • M!


    …they could use some recycled material at least…

  • Xit

    Very querky Wallice and Gromet design

  • Doctor Scruffknuckles

    This would not be very practical imho.

    Another prime example of poor dutch design, the Africans and Aztecs learnt to tell the time using the sun many centuries ago.

  • sub

    1) it’s unpractical, but so are most of design clocks
    2) you have to plug it in?? the ac adaptor doesnt look too much ”design” to me

  • omar

    nightmare to read..
    poweradapter is well pants.

  • bokem

    the adaptor is best looking thing on it

  • Honkie