L40 by Roger Bundschuh and Cosima von Bonin



Architect Roger Bundschuh and artist Cosima von Bonin have designed L40, a residential building for a wedge-shaped site in Berlin, Germany.


The 2500 square metre building has cantilevered elements of more than 20 metres.


Some apartments are enclosed by walls without windows and lit by skylights, while others are glazed with large windows overlooking the surrounding streets.


The following information is from the architects:


Construction begins on Berlin condominium project by Roger Bundschuh and Artist Cosima von Bonin.

Situated on historic Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin-Mitte, this 2500 sqm luxury condominium building takes unique advantage of its small triangular site. Breaking with the previously rigid Berlin urban planning codes, the building will present itself as a jagged study of cantilevering blocks, deep recesses and a dramatic opening of the typical Berlin interior courtyard, flooding this usually dark and uninviting space with light and air.


Designed by Architect Roger Bundschuh with Artist Cosima von Bonin, the project started out as a simple bit of outdoor sculpture, really nothing more than a sausage stand with a large billboard on top. As it turned out, the original site was slated to become part of a larger, though very irregularly shaped site due to the relocation of the adjacent street back to its location in 1900 (part of an ongoing urban renewal plan aimed at recreating the urban fabric that existed in Berlin before WWII).


The new project, though much larger, incorporates the sculptural approach and emphasis on abstract shapes that were formulated in the design of the original project. Black, exposed concrete gives the building an archaic and monolithic character.


Cantilevering out more than 20 meters, the solid shapes of the apartments are at once dynamic and static, responding to and reacting with the hectic urban flow in this busy intersection, yet also anchoring the building firmly through their perceived weight and durable construction.


The stark, sleek, pure white interior of the apartments is offset against the black and rough exterior of the exposed concrete, creating a dynamic tension between interior and exterior. This tension is further heightened by the large expanses of exterior walls without windows that reveal themselves to be brilliantly skylit interior spaces.


No two apartments are alike. While some spaces are intimate, microscosmic spaces more reminiscient of the classic “white cube” of art galleries, others are posessed of no closed exterior walls at all and present themselves as radically open stages for contemporary urban lifestyles.


The building is constructed completely in concrete. The outer layer of black, exposed leightweight concrete covers all exterior surfaces and is applied over a layer of thick foamglass insulation. The high mass of this construction, the extreme insulation values it delivers and the siting and insulation values of the glazing combine to situate the project at the forefront of sustainable planning schemes.


In addition, the entire building is sound proofed by insulation applied to the basement walls. No part of the building actually is in contact with the surrounding soil, thereby assuring high levels of sound and vibration proofing in the apartments. The achieved “remoteness” from the hectic bustle of the surrounding traffic serves to reinforce the idea of microcosmic and serene spaces and contributes to the overall effect of contrasts and dynamic tension.















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  • bizzeb

    mmm. im going to go with drab and boring……

    i hate to say it after the fact. yikes

  • mauro

    cool from the outside, but the interior renderings are a joke

  • HouseCat

    “interior renderings are a joke”?

    I thought that’s the more interesting part (not the design of the interior but the way it was rendered).

  • windbag

    looks like the bunkers Hitler was building around the city before WWII to resist carpet bombing, but with a touch of russian constructivism .

  • bob

    PLAAAANS! Woo-ho! thanks dezeen!

    Nice complex building.. But why is the cool roughness of the exterior replaced by just whitness on the inside? What is it really?

  • just the interiors..they look super cold.. at least some warm woodie floors.. and a few pots of nice smelling flowers..
    not too bad, not too fantastic!

  • Edin

    Interiors are left “blank” because, probably, building will be out, on the market. So they did not really bother with interior design or renderings, because architects were working for unknown and still non existing clients. Their job was to define disposition of spaces. Furniture is placed there only to give us information of space purposes.

  • yrag

    (shudder) The exterior actually seems reminiscent to the 70’s to my eye.

  • mama

    Nice concrete wedge Roger but what did Cosima do? Hung her art on the white walls? Or did she help you with the window joinery details? Microcosmic and serene spaces? Is that an artist’s way of saying “peace and quiet”? C’mon, cut the drivel, it’s an ok building but the interiors suck.

  • gaque

    considering the urban situation of this building, it seems awfully monolithic and cold. i think the floor plan has some really interesting spaces but am confused by the interior renderings–is it really supposed to be super white, or is it the feeling, or what?

  • mitch

    hmm these groundplans really dont work well in a lot of points. just to many probs to fit the sculptured outside…
    and please dont show this style of renders to investors or clients, only some mad architects will feel the sensory behind this rough visualisation…
    architecture is not made for architests!!!

  • shima

    . . . Every thing has Harmony whit a roughness Gray Triangle . . .

  • kev

    WOW !
    suppa interiors !
    hum sorry … I was wrong , wonderful “barcelona” !

    I can’t see any interest in the images of the intteriors …

  • Diego

    Personally…I love the visual execution. Very well layed out plans, with great contrast in texture, colour & emotion. Very well thought out by the team!
    Contrary, to what some might say.


    Everyone, ignore the renders and look at the plans for more than two seconds…..these are some horribly executed apartment plans…..

  • jacob

    the worst housing plans i´ve ever seen…look the w8 apartment…

  • rodger

    tough love. powerful form making. like it a lot.

  • jed_

    sorry but who the hell would live in an apartment with no views (just skylights)? i sure as hell couldn’t. this fact renders the whole undertaking dud to my mind.

  • Hitler

    Seems like a nice bunker for me to have my little experiments..hahaha..Albert Speer please send these architects to me as I might have some use for them

  • joker

    what a piece of s…. but that’s how good the guys are in berlin are these days… what a bullshit city and super hyped up.

  • merf

    it was bettere not to publish the floor plans.

    what a mess.

  • bruce

    looks like you can hang a lot of art on those walls.

  • Erik

    Wonderful pictures. Too bad the floor plans were a doubtful. I wonder how much the spaces cost per m2.

  • Great concept and great images. Will it be built?

    Bobby W Parker

  • Gordon Urqhart

    I like the floor plans but the exterior is just the sort of Brutalism that polluted urban space a generation ago. Today it is outdated and just as ugly as ever. They could do much better, I’m sure.