Mini House by Jonas Wagell



Swedish designer Jonas Wagell presented Mini House, a 15 square metre house that can be built in a weekend, at 100% Design in London earlier this month.


Wagell showed a full-size prototype of the house, which responds to a new law in Sweden allowing people to build homes of up to 15 square metres without requiring permission.


Mini House is made and sold by house is produced and sold by Nordic Marine Living AB. Here's some info from Wagell:


Since January 1st 2008 Swedish property owners are allowed to build a 15 sqm house on their land without a building permit.


The Mini house project arose from this and has, by taking advantage of the building regulations, grown to twice the allowed size, still with no permits needed!


Mini house is a “friggebod” concept which brings some fun and excitement to a dull  and conservative market. The concept means prefabrication, flat-pack delivery and weekend-long build-up!  Building a house should be fun and easy. Kind of like putting together an Ikea cabinet!



Mini House is a modern, functional and esthetical Swedish friggebod-shed of 15 sqm, suited for both summer and winter living.  In addition to the small house the concept provides an outdoor terrace with pergola,  all within the framework of the permit-free Swedish regulations.


Mini house is constructed to be easy to build. By prefabricating the walls as sandwich elements of plywood and styrofoam, a light-weight, sturdy and insulated construction is enabled.


Also, critical details such as windows and electrical feeds can be prepared. The house is delivered flat-pack. Furthermore, Mini House can be customized with add-ons like kitchen- and bath module, heater-kit with chimney or a solar power unit to provide the house with electricity.


When designing the Mini house concept Jonas Wagell put a lot of emphasis on creating a house that is not built as traditional timber houses, since that would create a sort of error in scale. Friggebod-sheds often appear shrinked, like miniature houses, drained in details and odd proportions, since they are constructed with the same components as large houses.



Size house module: 15 sqm
Size outdoor room: 15 sqm
Construction: sandwich panels
No. of modules: 8 pcs per house module
Build-up time: 1-2 days/2 pers
Preparations: foundation e.g. concrete slabs


House incl outdoor room: 12,200 EUR
Kitchen- & bath module: 3,200 EUR
Heater-kit: 900 EUR
Solar power module 12V: 1.400 EUR
Trimless roof window: on request!
Freight: on request!
Building assistance: on request!

All prices exclude V.A.T.

Mini house started as a Master thesis at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and  Design in 2007 by Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell. Today, Wagell work with a multi-disciplined focus on design and architecture.

Recently Jonas Wagell was selected into Wallpaper* Magazine’s ARCHITECTS DIRECTORY 2008 “50 of the world’s hottest young architects”. Full article in Wallpaper August issue 2008 and on the web,

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  • hendrix

    what the hell is this?!?!!

  • Azeem

    This is Ikea architecture !! Wake up to the flat packed houses!!

  • DAB

    I like the concept and saw the house at 100 pc but have to say I’m not really convinced by the longevity of the cladding. . . .

  • Matt

    When is a house not a house?
    When it’s a room

  • Looks very modern. Too bad it doesn’t include a toilet.

  • Simple, functional and beautiful.
    As it should be.

  • heath

    how cute!

  • One

    Can this be working like Lego?

  • Charlotte

    there’s a toilet in the bathroom. You can see it on elevation D-F

    I think it’s really nice

  • eduardo moreira – brazil

    Mini house is great!!!!The fact that it has been bult already makes it cool enough to deal with these terrible comments!!!!!Congratulations!!!!

  • Hemi

    Calm, clean & not trying to be too clever.. I like.

  • FN
  • LOVE IT SMALL . back to the function

  • dre

    this sux ass

  • Why not cut to the chase and build yourself a coffin.

  • Ren

    The outdoor furniture is well designed & very elegant

  • Dee Iva

    Loved this house when I saw it at 100%. The outside porch is very cool. The full spec version would make a great little bolthole, I can just see it down at Dungeness…

  • Barbie

    Who lives in a house like this?? It was made for me! It is kind of cute..

  • Nathan

    Functional for MN, in the summer time, at the lake. I understand the comments from those that do not like it. For those that do not like it I ask, where might you see this work? I live in the Arctic, unfortunately it would not be functional living space for me here. Or would it?

  • Janet Price

    I LOVE this little house!
    Smaller space is easier to heat in Winter so making eco technology more viable.
    Just needs a green roof and then I’m buying.

  • what about practicalities eg

    toilet, plumbing etc

  • andrew

    Wonderful – can put each of the kids in one at a different corner of our farm now that they have grown up and continue to live at home. Help – need more peace and quiet that is no longer available in our small house! Please market in Australia!

  • pet

    This is what one can make with 15,000 Euros, just for comparison :)