Villa 1 by Powerhouse Company



Villa 1, a woodland house in the Veluwe Zoom area near Arnhem in the Netherlands designed by architects Powerhouse Company, has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards, which will be announced this weekend.


Beneath the glazed top floor is a sub-terranean living space in the basement.


The project has been nominated for the AM NAi prize 2008 and the ´best private interior´category of the Dutch Design Awards.


The following information is from Powerhouse Company:


Powerhouse Company's Villa 1 nominated for two design awards

Villa 1 of the Powerhouse Company has received nominations for two important Dutch Design awards; the AM NAi prize 2008 and the Dutch Design Award 2008.


Villa 1 was Powerhouse Company's first commission after its foundation in 2005. The villa was completed at the beginning of this year. Powerhouse Company also designed the garden, the interior and a couple of furniture pieces.


Set in the woodlands of Holland, the program of Villa 1 is oriented optimal towards the views on the terrain and the sun. Half of the program is pushed below ground to meet local zoning regulations. This creates a clear dichotomy in the spatial experience of the house - a glass box ground floor where all mass is concentrated in furniture elements and a ‘medieval’ basement, where the spaces are carved out of the mass.


AM NAi prize 2008
The AM NAi price is rewarded biannually for the best building of a young dutch architect, by a jury under the direction of Ole Bouman (director of the NAi). The prize is an initiative of the Dutch Architectural Institute in Rotterdam ( NAi) and developing enterprise AM. The villa was selected, together with three other designs, from a total of 76 submissions. On the website the jury praises the design as “exquisitely expressive without becoming ruthless” and “conceptually and scenic a convincing design”. The winner of the money prize of 10.000 Euro will be announced on the 8th of November 2008. The event also includes the presentation of the book “Facts & Forms” from NAi publishers, which elaborately covers all the nominated buildings.


Dutch Design Award
The interior of Villa 1 is additionally nominated for the category ´best private interior´ of the Dutch Design Award. The villa is said to “ruthlessly position itself within the tradition of modern (interior) architecture”. The award will be granted on the 18th of October 2008, during the Dutch Design Week, in Eindhoven.


The Powerhouse company was founded in 2005 by architects Charles Bessard (1976, France) and Nanne de Ru (1976, The Netherlands). The office is specialized in architecture, urban design and urban research and has completed projects in The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Russia and Thailand. It is based in Rotterdam and Copenhagen.






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  • kasia

    supermooi! gerafineerde details en materiaal gebruik, de garage is fantastisch, chapeau!

  • bt

    This is one of the best dwelling project i ve seen in a while.

    I love the way the way u enter a house so transparent through such an isolated and opaque space.

    nice work..

  • B

    your dad must be proud
    and a happy dweller!

  • eduardo

    one of the most beautiful projects I’ve seen lately!
    So dutch, so transparent…
    One must be proud living there

  • rik

    in shock and in awe.
    and it’s in the Netherlands. OMG. i could actually go visit the site in less than an hour.
    more awe.
    I’m oozing awe.

  • JuiceMajor²

    WOW, very reminiscent one of Rem Koolhaas’s designed house! I like it! Would be a good one for a James Bond movie. Has the cool factor!

  • bram

    WOW, one of the best projects I’ve seen in years.

  • Diegs

    Very uplifting atmosphere, lots of natural light!!
    Inspiring bookshelf and uber slick garage…
    And I still want to see more?

  • M

    Refreshing to see neat clean architecture for a change

  • trent

    Super f%$king cool – now this is awesome

  • mi

    Excellent!! One of the best houses I’ve seen up to now…

  • shapes

    Finally something fresh…
    Congratulations Powerhouse

  • Sc hu yl er

    Wow. This is such a good project. That bookshelf condition just blew my mind in a way no detail has in a long, long while…

  • Privacy matters

    Anyone can see in! What about privacy?

  • Real~Architect~~

    The emperor has no clothes!!

    This is an advancement on the “original” glass house by Philip Johnson –thus a knock-off.

    Interesting architecture as art, but the living environment inside the house could only be described as whitewashed cold and paranoid exposed.

    I would hate to live there =_=

  • Lite

    Absolutely awesome.
    I wish i had done this project!

  • dan

    That’s a beautifully realized dwelling. It reminds me of the famous Farnsworth house in Illinois:

  • très réussi! nice car too!

  • windbag

    yes these guys make architecture finally.
    check the details on their website.

  • maxhsbib

    I’m ready to move in …now.

  • tengyun

    The villa is natural and pure .
    Many designers like the white too

  • unpopular

    supersexy. i like.

  • unpopular

    Forgive me. I recan’t. Glass and white walls are evil… i will once again swear to the church of ~Real Architecture~. Hallelujah

  • jimshaw

    what’s with the gimp on the ground floor plan? Comes free?

  • joe

    Nice one. The subterranean space is a great idea, especially considering heating and cooling costs. Nice views throughout, I think the feng shui would be balanced in this one too lol well at least for movement.

  • KDS

    *gurgle* …curved floor-to-ceiling glaaaas… Nice.

  • very nice, one of the best house of the world

  • w


  • tbp

    some photos of the patio and the bedrooms would be great;)