Paper rings by Tithi Kutchamuch and
Nutre Arayavanish



Designers Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish of TT:NT have designed a range of fold-out paper jewellery, launched at Origin at Somerset house in London last month. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


The collection consists of twelve ring designs, which are laser-cut from paper and sold flat for the user to assemble.


Rings are available in a sheet with all twelve or individually.

The following is from TT:NT:


Birthday Ring is the laser-engraved-fine paper card that can be able to fold into flower-shaped ring.


There are 12 birth flowers altogether for each calendar month.


They are the special birthday present for the special day.


All year rings is a flat sheet of laser-engraved-fine paper with recycling paper package, work as a calendar, contains 12 flower-shaped rings for each months for all year long.






More about Tithi Kutchamuch on Dezeen:


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  • bence

    simply beautiful!

  • iamreply

    yeah nice. don’t mind it but i can imagine papercuts are an issue here

  • Good job.
    I love it when somebody takes a simple material and turns it into something beautiful.

  • These are fabulous! I wonder if they’d work in a more robust material like metal?

  • johanirae

    GORGEOUS! There, however, the very practical issue of how long they last VS cost… don’t think many people would want to shell out a lot for a ring that gets crumbled and soggy after a single evening…

  • It’s beautiful.
    How can i buy this in china?

  • OKP

    you can laser cut one in china.. prob much cheaper :)

  • hendrix

    pretty cool

  • tanya

    Lovely!!! I´ve NEVER seen something like that!!!
    It can´t be seen here in Mexico¡¡
    An authentic proof of design!!

  • Kristopher Adams

    I am simply stunned by these designs.

  • Kristopher Adams

    And also… it seems they are rather hard to pin down. Lots of ‘stockists’ but I am yet to find anywhere that actually sells them.

    Any info?

  • Hi Kristopher,

    the project first launched last month at Origin, Somerset House.
    Our stock are just back after we’ve sold all at the exhibition.

    so now we are in contact with few shops and galleries, or you can simple order them directly from us.


  • These are nice! gave me an idea what to put on my xmas tree.

  • tinna


  • freedom


  • designer

    origami is the future

  • fakebeca

    its really clever idea

  • i also make jewelry from paper, but this is completely different and very very beautiful.

  • Lena

    Where do you find the diagram sheet thingys fot this?????

  • aparajita bhatia

    wow……….its awesome…..i can't believe that from a paper a beautiful jewellary.. can made..which type of paper is this and how to make a fine cutting???????//

  • jjj

    That’s laser-cut to get such a perfect cut.