Luz Interruptus by Luzinterruptus



Spanish designers Luzinterruptus have completed a guerrilla lighting installation in a Madrid street.


The  Luz Interruptus (Red) project temporarily decorated 26 street lamps in Calle del Pez with domestic-style shades.


According to the designers the installation, carried out on the night of 12 December, cost 180 Euros, took three hours and lasted seven hours.


Photos are by Gustavo Sanabria.


Here's some text from the designers (in Spanish):


Luz Interruptus (Red), es una instalación efímera realizada en la Calle del Pez de Madrid, la madrugada del 12 de diciembre de 2008.


26 farolas de alumbrado público fueron intervenidas con papel y flecos para darle a la calle un aspecto más lujurioso e íntimo.


Gracias a Gustavo Sanabria nuestro fotógrafo, que aguantó pacientemente toda la noche.

Coste de la acción: 180 euros.
Tiempo de instalación: 3 horas.
Consumo extra de energía: 0.
Daños ocasionados: 0.
Permanencia de la intervención 7 horas.

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  • morgan geist

    Then what happened?

    Good public art interventions and real guerrilla projects add to our experiences of the quotidian life felt by many who walk the same streets day in day out. they create a moment of reflection, a revelation, a critique, an intellegent way of using the latent energy and mechanisms that are found in the public realm. Exploiting the dorment opportunities that are going under our noses every day…

    this is just more funny haha stuff that simply bores me and im sure many others.
    180euros? you could have bought your families nice xmas presents instead.

  • modular

    This is great, yet they should have done other forms as well. Pretty good overall… and very inspiring.

  • *MIRTEC*

    totally agree with morgan… nothing guerilla about it…

  • blankboX

    i agree about the money bit.
    using garbage for these pranky activities makes them
    so much more beautiful.

  • mikaël

    I disagree, I think its a very generous gift to the lamp posts. Nothing is wrong with that.

  • kosovat s.

    I totally disagree with those such : MITEC & morgan geist !!!
    What do you expect from an artist -to behave like a poltician and specially it doesn’t always mean that it is gueril if we walk around with guns-;not anyone can do such work.I think it’s great and by the way i think we don’t see all to often gueril artists nowdays……..

  • morgan geist

    Kosovat, I think you missed the point.

    Politicians? Sorry you are making no sense here. please be more coherent in your explanations, I want to understand you.

    Guerrilla doesn’t running up to something at night, painting it, covering it, or removing it whilst wearing a balaklava you bought that day, and while your mates video tape you on a high-def camera….Take 12.

    Guerrilla is about using the terrain, and with innovation. Ok now we are talking about public art, so put your notions of politics aside and think of this as how interior light shades placed on public lights can make you feel anything.

    I understand that this is an exchange of interior aesthetics for interior public objects. In no way are they claiming the terrian…simply cladding it. And to call this art, well you can do so, but i won’t. I don’t see depth, an avenue for reflection, no critique….and definitely no provocation. What is this about? Im not sure…if you know, please explain to me.

    All I see is light shades in the wrong place…with no message in the execution.

    check out Ogul Oz to get an idea of what i am on about.

    peace and happy new year all~

  • Dev

    I never knew that Guerrilla Art had such rules behind it. Next time I plan something I will make sure I apply to the Council to make sure that I am within Morgan’s GAG (Guerrilla art guidelines).

    I like the shades and think that are a good statement of softness within the harsh reality of it surrounding. I don’t think Guerrilla art needs some wanky sign all the time saying “save water or were all going to die” or “isn’t Israel bad”. People are smarter than that and can see the sentiment with out the bland simple explanation.


  • ozone

    I agree with Morgan.

    If you are gonna do it, do it well, and with a purpose.

    happy 29k

  • Sh.Gh.

    Guys!!! doesn’t anyone wanna mention the light pollution? it’s 2009 !!!! beauty and design means so much more than aesthetics and stuff!!


  • lana

    Dev… i’m with you…
    (GAG… ahahahahaha)

    happy new year to all :)

  • td

    as an aside: the photography is my favorite part, and i would assume there is much more. great colors. and good composition on most.

    if nothing else – it was an excellent set up for a nice photo-shoot. and 180 euros is a pretty low-cost shoot, relatively speaking.

  • leopoldo

    hermoso trabajo felicitaciones.
    creo q el tema de las instalaciones, es un gran aporte a embellecer las ciudades:)
    sigan asi:::::::::::::::