J House by Isolation Unit and Yosuke Ichii



More from Japanese architects Isolation Unit: this time J House, a residential project in Osaka, Japan, completed in collaboration with architect Yosuke Ichii.


The house was completed at the end of 2007.


Photographs by Takumi Ota.


The following text is from Isolation Unit:


A private residence for a married couple with three children in a suburb of Kagawa prefecture.


Two boxes are studiously inserted into the single plain volume in order to create generous space in between.


The created rooms are continuously interconnected, so that one can always perceive the existence of the other in the next room. At the same time, the insight is limited in order to secure the privacy.


Although most houses shut out the public, the living room in this house is open to the neighbourhood through the attached terrace, and offers the community space to this developing residence area.


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  • chrl

    that window… excelent.

  • Maxence

    This is simple, this is good.

  • buhawi

    i have always been a fan of minimalist design.

    tho the interior layout has been done a few times

    still, lighting, space and good energy flow is what everyone needs.

    great work!

  • torok

    please, some plans, sections! beauty everywhere you look…

  • benson

    very, um, square?

  • great lines in there….
    just simple

  • very clean and quite nice.. just would be nice to see some furniture fill some of the space. unless it’s supposed to be a giant empty room.. :)
    good stuff

  • studio78

    very silent and clear

  • wtf2007

    will someone place this old trombone in the attic where it belongs?

  • floyd landis

    hmmm…. container-y

  • P

    This house is very dull. It’s a living space for people who never smile.

  • rudolf

    great pictures – but i agree that plans and sections will add a great deal to the post (as does the absence of paragraphs and paragraphs of explanatory text – one caption per picture tells the story just fine).

  • El Greco