Mission One by Yves Béhar & fuseproject



San Francisco designer Yves Béhar of fuseproject has unveiled Mission One, the world's fastest electric production motorcycle.


Designed for Mission Motors, the bike was unveiled at the TED 2009 conference at Long Beach, California, today.


The bike has a top speed of 150 MPH and an estimated range of 150 miles.


Here's some info from fuseproject:


America’s Newest Motorcycle Company, Mission Motors, Launches at TED2009

Mission One, World’s Fastest Production Electric Sportbike

Design by Yves Béhar & fuseproject


LONG BEACH, CA - February 4, 2009 – On February 4, Mission Motors will unveil a revolutionary new vehicle at TED 2009.  The Mission One promises to be the world's fastest production all-electric motorcycle. Mission Motors CEO, Forrest North, along with lead designer Yves Béhar, founder of fuseproject, will present the vehicle in development onstage to the entire TED audience.


Mission Motors will exhibit the vehicle throughout the conference at the Kohler LivingHome at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, and will be on hand to discuss the company’s vision for a radically new brand of motorcycles.  The company will also provide attendees the opportunity to see inside the product development process through the installation of a motorcycle design studio inside the Kohler LivingHome.

“The Great Unveiling,” the TED2009 theme, makes a fitting platform for the launch of Mission Motors’ first vehicle, the Mission One.  It is the first production electric sportbike that features uncompromised performance and an iconic new design created by world-renowned designers Yves Béhar and fuseproject. With a top speed of 150 MPH and an estimated range of 150 miles, the Mission One rivals gasoline sportbikes while dwarfing the performance of any other electric motorcycle on the market.

The electric drivetrain creates a riding experience unlike anything currently available on a production vehicle. The electric motor’s linear torque curve provides peak torque at zero rpm, a feature gasoline engines cannot match.  The motor delivers faster acceleration than most gasoline sportbikes without ever having to shift gears.

The announcement formally debuts Mission Motors, a San Francisco-based company geared to redefine the world of performance motorcycles. The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Forrest North (CEO), Edward West (President), and Mason Cabot (VP of Engineering).

Building on their backgrounds in engineering, a desire to develop clean vehicles, and a passion for motorcycles, the Mission Motors founders developed a proprietary high energy lithium ion battery pack that could provide both the range and acceleration needed for a high performance sportbike. The company (named Hum Cycles at the time) placed second in the transportation category of the 2007 California Cleantech Open, the largest cleantech business plan competition on the West Coast.

“As a motorcycle enthusiast and engineer I knew I could combine my passion for motorcycles with my passion for innovation and create a motorcycle that truly sets a new standard in the perception of electric vehicles,” said Forrest North, Founder and CEO, Mission Motors.  “With the Mission One, we’re writing the next chapter in motorcycle design, delivering a new riding experience without sacrificing performance or design in a zero emissions vehicle.”

With core engineering underway and an attractive business model, North and his co-founders turned to Yves Béhar’s fuseproject to create Mission’s unique brand and creative direction, as well as an iconic industrial design for the first product. The engineering team at Mission Motors and the design team at fuseproject worked in close collaboration to design the Mission One from the ground up, creating a machine that makes a bold statement about performance, technology, sustainability and design.

"This project was a dream come true: a statement about how design can make performance and sustainability come together without compromise,” said Yves Béhar. “I believe Mission is an icon for a new era of efficient and exciting vehicles. Designed to express speed and efficiency in it’s overall sharp lines, the Mission bike is also highly detailed with special attention to a riders needs, bringing a high level of product design and ergonomics to a new generation of performance transportation.”

About Mission Motors:

Mission Motors is building the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company combines innovative technology, iconic design, and superb performance with the freedom of a zero emissions riding experience. Mission's elite team of engineers is creating the first motorcycle company built on the innovative spirit of the Silicon Valley. The concept is simple: Redefine the world of performance motorcycles.

For more information on Mission Motors, visit www.ridemission.com.

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  • While I understand the body being coated black to slim and hide some of the bulk, I feel this bike isn’t quite complete. The photos don’t show the kickstand, so I’m wondering how close this is tot he final production model.

    For an electric bike, the design and color scheme work well. Just update the instrument cluster and change the black paint to a satin gunmetal finish. Excellent work.

  • Really great design and beautiful concept!

  • Eric

    Companies like Tesla Motors have shown us that electric does not have to mean ugly. What the heck is this?

  • Chris

    Looks excellent. Love the simplicity and distinct lines. Contrast of texture and matte black finish is premium.

  • jp


  • george


    especially with respect to Ducati’s horrendous Monster re-design…

  • Adam Blencowe

    Great looking bike, and so happy its electric. Can we have an Enduro now too please!

  • Bozo


    Thats ugly

  • The side view is pretty cool..!

  • tea

    I’d buy that. love the face part, got really badass, electro, bit 80ties feeling to it. really nice and fresh.

  • kumakuma


  • oupjaz

    i want one

    where can i get it
    i’ll sell my soul

  • If I could go fast on an ecological way I would be delighted to do it with this nice machine! Way to go.

  • quite a nice design and fantastic concept.. But I was just wondering what it sounds like? does it have a nice wow-wow-wow-wow-wow like in futuristic films or totally silent, because I’d hate to be run over by a silent vehicle.. Been near a total electric car and the absence of sound creeps me out. I not only look for traffic, but try to hear it.. And I do love the sound of a good bike! I hope Ducati is coming up with alternate fuel bikes too! Love to see them in the future!

  • freddy wolf

    The rear and side are great – very different from the amorph Italian designs. The tectonic shape is similar to the KTM RC8. The front windshield looks old and a bit a drag. As does the front light. Those should be more refined. Nice speed and range for an electric bike (if the numbers are correct = motorcycle industry). The future is electric !

  • I know most motorcycle entusiasts will kill me but the thunderous sound of regular motorcycles are just absurd and outrageous.

    The highlight of this model is the absence of sound and CO2 emissions. Noise is also pollution and it should be eliminated.

  • dsgnr

    cool. This may be a not-yet-to-be-mass-produced project but I think is a great thing companies start investing time, money and resources into products that are good looking, good performing and sustainable.

  • zenBen

    No chain cover and no rear wheel mudguard means nice white underside and rider’s ass are gonna be all covered in oil and road dirt. And the fairing indentations near the saddle don’t look deep enough for a tall rider’s knees. Yves Behar needs to talk to some guys from Kawasaki or Moto Guzzi about simple design reqs…

  • motorcycle expert

    Fuseproject / Stark & gang design absolutely amazing consumer products.

    With all due respects, this is another classic case of a vehicle designed with a ‘product design’ touch.

    As for motorcycle design, its a different dimension and discipline, better to leave it to the experts. Nice try though.

  • future seriously scares me :(

    the guys have some good marketing ideas, covered behind some disputable design but far from real use.

    not to mention the “greenness” of it. it will still use power, power generated from coal or whatever else.

    i know a lot of people wont agree but sounds is a feature of any motorbike, which i would not want to eliminate for various reason

  • Vroom Vroom

    … no room … for a passenger? Ok Ok, it’s a s(o)uper bike!
    Can’t tuck out of the wind at top speed with that height “tank” position; worst if you’re a female biker. Ok Ok, it’s a mens fing! With a rider on it, I feel there are issues with the ergonomics. Ok Ok, it’s fasssster then a bat outta hell!

    The headlight is the best thing about it.

  • noviardi

    i like superbike, seriously… but this one ?!

  • Matty D

    If the stats are right, the top speed and distance are pretty spot on. Other than that, this is a big time OUCH! Looks, VERY uncomfortable to ride. People with short arms have to lean way over to reach the bars. And people with long legs have no space cut-out for their knees.

    Too much bulk in the center of the bike, try to redistibute some of the mass rather than having a bulky mid-section and such a ‘streamline’ tail section. I like the color scheme, but the triangular cut-outs remind me too much of plastic lawn furniture!

    And I must agree with Nikolay, the sound of a motorcycle is one of its most appealing features! As for those who suggest “noise is pollution too”, do you suggest we stop having outdoor concerts and parades too? Kind of the same principle, no?

  • To think a Ducati or Harley guy would ever ride this soulless machine is ridiculous, if the designers had shown us something more practical I may have been impressed (say a GS650, they are soulless to begin with). To drive my point home, imagine if they rolled an electric Harley FatBoy low rider out. I can hear the snickers and laughs from here. It is not a Harley, it is something else, and that is what I see here. This is not the machine it looks like, it is something else, folly. To imagine gear heads turning in the thunder of hydrocarbons for the high pitched whirl of magnetic magic is simply crazy talk. An electric superbike has no market among my friends, not because the performance is missing, but because everything else is.

  • Rokas

    MAybe someone will kill me,but I know a lot of entusiasts,who dont want that ppolution of sound.MAybe some details as “tank”,one seat arent good-and this wont rise the sellings :( ,but the main idea of silent,fast,good-looking thing fascinates me-its loke the james bond of the bikes! :D

  • The front is straight out of the 80’s and all the poorer for it.

    I wonder what 100% torque would be like at 0km/h hahahaha. wheelie mad?

    Still a silent bike would be really weird to say the least.

    It won’t take off, but if this performs well it could be a jump-start into what is possible.

    I 100% don’t believe the bike will handle that well as it looks like it is designed for aesthetics only, as opposed to handling, weight distribution, rake, etc. Still I’d give it a shot.

    I wonder what price point they are going for.

  • Vico

    As an object, this thing is indisputably gorgeous. The triagulated grille has me drooling.

    Behar makes great decisions as a designer when he could simply be working as a Rashid, Arad or Newson and raking in the cash. His XO computer designs have world-changing potential. Bikes like these could revolutionise polluted commuter cities like Delhi and Bangkok.

    However In terms of its functional appeal, I’m just not sold on the awkwardly tall and bulky hump in the centre of the bike, which constrains the rider and seems to obscure the windshield. Can it carry water? If not lose it?

  • Henry Letham

    Now this really is the ugliest motorcycle I have ever seen!
    Not one single part fits to any other …. someone was doing too much coke …

  • amc

    sorry for just being truly honest
    there are some nice details with textures and everything
    but wow this is ugly
    it is an ununified form with some nice details I think.

    visually there is no integrity at all
    that huge black surface doesnt lead to anywhere at all.
    and colors… are ok.

  • m

    where’s the rear brake?

  • SouL

    a bike made in Dubai!!!

  • The problem is: motorcycle entusiasts cannot ride a bike without it´s absurd loud sound (and no, it is NOT like an outdoor concert. It´s just noise). And the chrome motor is such a beautiful thing that shure is missing in this bike.

    But thinking rationaly (not emotionaly or nostalgicaly) the concept is good. Because there is no need to imitate a traditional bike adding some features that exists purely because of the explosion motors like exhaust tubes, noise and gasoline tank.

    It shure isn´t for old fashioned motocyclists.

  • zuy

    With one hour ride motorcycle is it possible to run from his design studio in Francisco to TED in Monterey?

  • MarkJ

    What have they put in the area where the fuel tank would have been? Hopefully the batteries are low down.

  • one other thing… i wonder how come the team claims they are bike enthusiasts ….in my view ….no “bike enthusiast”, even in his scariest dreams will ever think about designing a bike of this sort replacing his/hers current super bike unless of course it is a money making exercise so they can all buy top spec Ducatis and so on :) ????

  • m, the rear brake is down the bottom of the wheel… it is rather small but that’s pretty normal for a bike, where all the stopping power is right up front.

  • kareem

    but need some modification in back

  • Madaboutoldcars

    It’s like a kamel ¡ ¡ ¡ (some one there has aked if you can transport water….).
    Ugly bike: tall, short, with this humpback…… where are the proportions????
    For a green exercise I think it’s better to begin with some urban bikes/scooters.

  • ps

    this is a nice example of why the big auto makers should have been just left to die. new ideas and innovation such as this are what needs to rise up to take their place. that is change. imagine what this company could have done with $10million of taxpayer donations versus the billions wasted on gas guzzling abominations produced by old outdated companies.

  • Here Here, PS!
    change must begin somewhere… I’ll agree that the design looks unfinished,
    but to me this is detailing – the concept itself is superbly bold and agressive
    Maybe it will not tempt Harley riders and die-hard petrol-heads but I would say there is a whole new market of those who would switch to vehicles like this (cost premitting) for envirnmental, social and economic reasons.
    Thundering exhausts and gasoline haze are so last century…
    However, reduced cost of electric micro-generation is needed for this to succeed on a large scale.

  • zakiu

    This is the most slick motorcycle design I have seen in a while considering it is an electric bike. However I think there is a lot of room for improvement as it still looks like a model that hasn’t been finished. If you look at an illustrator’s sketch evolution, this design looks somewhat like an illustration that is 66% done. Not 65 or 67% but 66% specifically. Just kidding! However it does look unfinished in the product’s design evolution and that it is waiting for improvement. However there is so much excitement surrounding this bike that it won’t be hard to find designers for it at all. I’m sure you could find some cool dudes that are willing to do tight work with almost no compensation. In fact, I bet there are lots of people that would want to ride it as well. That makes me think about it and how it must handle and if the torque affects the handling and if that’s expressed in the vehicle design or not! Anyway I think it is very exciting and am glad to add to the 40 comments. I wonder how many people comment every day and get denied. It must be so embarassing!

  • ketan w

    very elegant design

  • Otto Zitnik Czech Republic

    Just perfect.

  • Otto Zitnik Czech Republic

    I am going make one like this:-)


    check it out breaking the land speed record !