House in Sagamino by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects



Here's another project by Toyko company Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects, who designed the House in Hiyoshi in our earlier story.


They completed House in Sagamino, a private residence in Kanagawa, Japan, in 2007.


The design concept was to connect the rooms through openings in the internal walls.


Coloured lights shine through the openings, alerting occupants to the presence of family members in other rooms of the house when the beam is obstructed.


Photography by Takumi Ota.

The following text is a description from the architects:


The site for the house was outside Tokyo; a vast, featureless plot.  To plan the design we studied the context and the client’s way of life.


Our concept was to connect the rooms by small windows in the walls.


We tried to change the relations between spaces. The family can sense someone in the next room by colours changing with natural light.


Please don't expect to find that we intended to design the walls. We just wanted to find the new relationships between man and space.


But we do accept that slight diffusing light is beautiful even for the small spaces.










Project name : House in Sagamino
Architect: Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects
Date: 2007
Area: 73sqm
Location: Kanagawa, Japan
Photography: Takumi Ota
Award: National residential lighting award 2008

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  • Kiko

    like the concept of the colored window…color bleeds to he white wall…nice…

  • modular

    Love it

  • Post

    the plants are a joke …

  • adam furman

    I love the windows…

  • rodger

    wierd and banal.
    the level of abstraction is extreme but not particularly meaningful.

  • I really love the embrace of diffused light and working in the context of the homeowner by the architects. In all I think it’s really cool.

    Just wanted to ask if anyone knew how the colored windows are lit though, is it from the outside (in that case, it wouldn’t be lit at most times in the day when the sun isn’t in the ideal position/angle). or is it an artificial backlight to be switched on and off. The photos are so nice that it’s hard to tell.

  • I don’t think the photos or release properly demonstrated the concept.

  • urbanwired

    simple, beautiful idea. I wonder how the house feels at night.

  • Xit

    light & crispy, good job

  • Do you need a good cabinet maker designer with an architectural degree?
    Let me know

  • gaque

    beautiful! wonderful concept and wonderful execution!

  • singer

    I can hear the plants are singing.

  • LOW

    Japanese know how to do it nice and clean

  • Azm

    Superb!!, white at its purest !!

  • One

    Looks like very normal house. Japanese has Finer feeling for detailing and de builder also loves to materialise it as it forms the condition to get another work, but but,… apart from that It looks alike a very normal house…

  • this looks gorgeous to me~!

    clean crisp and fresh. id love to walk through it. and i love the square shelves.

  • jet

    great!! so pure

  • more than architecture it’s manufacture. i like thoes details.

  • This is nice but how peoples can live here?

  • SillyBug

    Very nice modernization and reflection of Japanese philosophy and residential preferences. Well done.

  • klejdi

    I find it pretty amusing ! The rest of the world really needs Japanese culture !

    I’m not saying that my house will be like this, but definitely love to see such things !

  • beautiful! so clean and pure? just nothing else