Design Indaba videos: Nobumichi Tosa



Design Indaba 09: the fifth in this series of movies from the Design Indaba conference and expo, which took place in Cape Town last week, features Japanese artist Nobumichi Tosa of Maywa Denki.

In the video Tosa discusses his 'nonsense machines' and the importance of performance in his work.


Here's some text about Tosa from Design Indaba:


An interview with Nobumichi Tosa at Design Indaba 2009 considers Tosa's quirky and inspired, youthful perspective made manifest in his limitless innovation. Tosa's inventions, which he refers to as "nonsense machines" foster his own playful mindset - a vision of what he calls a "bright peace" world.


With a Masters in Art from Tsukuba University in Japan, Nobumichi Tosa established Maywa Denki with his brother in 1993. Initially an exclusive art unit belonging to Sony Music Entertainment, it transferred its management to Yoshimoto Kogyo Co Ltd in 1998.

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  • There’s something freaky about an Otaku of 40 pretending to be Professor Ochanomizu (astro-boy), and teaching kids about design….
    Another crazy archinerd, into his retro-futurist toy fetishist phase…How is he going to age ? Is Gundam going to be relevant after 30 years ?

    Are we going to stop looking backward? are we going to stop this narcissistic design trend ?

  • sweetness

    what is the music in these videos?

  • The music is a South African electronica artist called ” Considerate Builders Scheme”

    Support him, his sounds are awesome orchestral hip hop electronica…
    Some free mp3 at