Mirror Chairs by Kai Linke



Frankfurt designer Kai Linke has created a collection of furniture by manipulating the archetypal plastic garden chair.


Parts of the chairs have been mirrored to create symmetrical forms.


"Due to the fact that some of the chairs are hard or nearly impossible to use as normal seating objects it allows many thoughts in between,"says Linke.


Here's some text from the designer:


Mirror Chairs
By Kai Linke / 2009

“Mirror Chairs” is an edition that so far includes four different chairs. The general idea behind this session was deformation. In detail the strange new forms that occurred by using different camera effects fascinated me.


These new objects I rebuilt with monoblock chairs which I am addicted to for years anyway. The new-formed chairs get a totally different meaning and each one of them has it’s own very special identity which sometimes even appears poetic like the two chairs that seam to embrace themselves.


Photographer Kai Linke.

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  • woooowwww! nice!!!!!
    especially the first one – a beautiful emotional sculpture!
    (good job sawing them and reconnecting)

  • Dajajas

    haha NICE!! i like the 3rd one – very narrow and elegant :)

  • chapmaniac

    I’m getting seriously bored of people working with that plastic garden chair. It was cool 2 years ago: Front, Martin Baas etc…move on. Actually how about lets stop designing chairs all together. Aaargh I have a headache

  • makarak

    I like, well done!!

  • In (art)design Frankfurt is now very near Eindhoven from here ….and also from a chinese or american point of view…
    Remember catching the wild….emotional design , sculpture?


    to chapmaniac : bored ? headache? It’s plastic’s VOC ..

  • chinmoy

    i like the concept of mirror chair……..

  • martijn

    I just love this chair. Also the the color of the top one is really well chosen!

    I want one! Martijn

  • aljoscha

    very impressive, I also find the first one the most appealing. lovely message!