Dining Agenda by Sara Ferrari and Marcella Fiori



London-based, Italian designers Sara Ferrari and Marcella Fiori have designed a book of place mats for note-taking during meals.


The book has a wooden cover with press-out cutlery and contains 14 disposable, paper place mats with a space in the corner intended for writing notes.


Photography by Marcella Fiori.


Here's some more info from the designers:


Dining Agenda is a bi-weekly journal of disposable place mats. It contains 14 pieces, one for each day of that fortnight.


Simply tear off the appropriate day's page to use the place mat wherever and whenever you fancy something to eat; breakfast, lunch or even a quick-stop tea break.


Write notes or daily reminders on the right corner not forgetting to tear them off before throwing away the rest of the mat.


And if you happen to forget the cutlery, you can always take it from the agenda cover.


The cover is made from wood and the place mats; from recycled paper.


Posted on Monday March 30th 2009 at 4:30 pm by Rachel Blunstone. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • im left handed

  • slater

    This is an interesting idea, but it seems wasteful. I’ll stick with my traditional place mats and re-useable tableware. I’m assuming that the fork and knife are meant to be used….watch out for splinters!

  • Interesting concept, but it seems very superficial. It isn’t much more than a book of pattern paper. The decorative laser cut forms on the cover were great, until they are pictured being “used”. In the end it all seems very wasteful.

  • voulez-vous manger avec moi ce soir?

  • ml

    doesn’t seem very useful at all.. how hard is it to take out your notebook/planner from your bag when you need to write something down? seems like you’re more likely to lose the little sheets of notes than your planner imo. and those “cutlery” can only be used once?

  • whimsical yet practical. can’t help but like it.

  • ell

    what an absolutely useless piece of design. what need did these designer identify to come up with this?

    the “cutlery” doesn’t even look functional, and design for disposability is the last thing we need with the worlds unsustainable consumption problems.

  • darren

    What an ingenious & clever design ! Well done.

  • pilar

    hmmm..delicious and chic

  • Wadi

    Good Morning!
    I love it!

  • SouL

    LoOoOoOL at good morning… (the above coment) ;)

  • Prof Z: even Starck designed on table mat for his Alessi’s first project

  • Claudio

    I love it!!!!!!!!!
    where can i buy it?

  • Claudio miss Ferrari will answer you …. fast delivery?

  • I like Prof Z comments!

  • Tyler

    how disposable.

  • evan

    those commenting here that this design is ‘wasteful’ are missing the point. this is a humorous design that shouldn’t be taken so seriously. the front cover’s cutlery is more ornament than anything else. i doubt the designer intended anyone to throw away their grandmother’s china in favour of these wooden cutouts. is there something wasteful about lasercutting a basswood cover? the agenda paper itself is quite good looking and I can imagine many uses for such nice paper.

  • Davide

    I agree with Evan…the idea is interesting and clever!
    Well done, Sara&Marcella!

    to ell who posted her/his comment on the 30th: why don’t you show us some USEFUL piece designed by you?

  • Well I don’t like the sandwich… where’s the salad for god sake!

  • missM

    I think the message is (also) don’t take all too seriously. The design is great and funny. Well done!