Change! by BCXSY



Milan 09: at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan this month, designers Boaz Cohen & Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY will present a collection of furniture made of foam coated in rubber.


Called Change! the objects are intended to appear as if hewn from stone.


"Beyond the striking aesthetics, the design of the collection is based on the unexpected experience of using the material, which looks hard and heavy, but in fact is soft, flexible and light," say the designers.


The range includes a clock, a fountain and an LED lamp that can be turned on and off by squeezing it.


Each piece is hand-cut from blocks of foam.


Portrait by Jakob Hohmann.


Here's some more information from BCXSY, written by Rachel Griffin:


Welcome to the new Stone Age.

CHANGE! features furniture and home accessories built from rubber-coated foam.


While many foam products are machine-cut, BCXSY introduces an element of handwork. The collection is constructed from CNC-cut blocks, which are combined and then cut by hand, making each piece unique.


Different densities of foam are used for different elements, giving the collection both softness and structure.


Through the development of an innovative relationship between material and form, the resulting series earns it's title: CHANGE!


CHANGE! includes the following pieces: Rocklock (wall/table clock), Pebble Box (storage/cool box), Rock Bowl (fruit bowl), Stone Stool, Stone Coffee Table, Ishi (bear), Soft Vase, Squeeze Light (LED light with built in press on/off switch), Stone Spring (indoor/outdoor fountain) and Boulder Shelf (shelving solution, consisting of 3 units).


CHANGE! will be launched during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009 in Milan at Spazio
Rossana Orlandi (Via Matteo Bandello 14/16).









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  • you have to be joking?

    Is this what you have to do to get press these days?

  • And the award for “Weirdest Couple on Earth” goes to ….

  • mikaël

    genius! seriously. I had a book when I was a kid where the future was described as having cars made out of bubble gum where the accidents would be soft and spongy. My friends, the future is near.

  • Tyler

    I can’t help but think about The Flintstones in every single picture.

  • garth n.

    dear fred & wilma flintstone, please show us the way to disneyland.

  • max von shnitzel

    proof again that crack is wack

  • WM

    Charles Manson meets the Flintstones is where its at

  • I do like that if I touched these objects expecting stone and was then surprised by their softness, it would rattle me a bit. Unfortunately, I would most likely just walk right by.

  • WM

    Do they do porn?

  • gaque

    this is cute, id buy it

  • Wayne. Kerr

    I have never seen such a pretentious beard in my life

  • jack the ripper

    Wayne , you forgot zz top ….


  • Nicodemo

    i like it….if Jaime hayon is dressing like a rabbit is a genius..if they do the flinstones no…c’mon….

  • MID

    ideamaker and designer are two different things.
    decisionmaking is crucial.
    Get rid of the clock, teddybear, fountain, vase, bookshelf, candle and portrait.
    Keep the rock/beer-thing, dish and sidetable where you can put two glasses on. Be consistent in concept and form; in this case dead-flinstone-simple!!

    And please, please,
    please don’t be so pretentious about it!!!

  • davvid

    very cool

  • AAB

    I have never been so proud of mum and dad! I love you both so much!

  • Laura


  • jens


  • davvid

    “And please, please,
    please don’t be so pretentious about it!!!”

    I would say that the comments (“Is this what you have to do to get press these days?”, for example) are much much MUCH more pretentious than these BCSXY designers. We need fewer people in this world screaming “don’t be ____!, don’t do ____!” The fewer rules, the better.

  • Sebastopol


    I can t help but think of the work of Max Lamb with his Poly furniture by the shape of their objects. Only instead of polystirene it is foam..
    The look works with a few of the objects. I like the split between rough and smooth appearance.