House of Inclusion by FORM/Kouichi Kimura



Here's another project from FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects who designed the House of Vision in our previous story: this time, House of Inclusion in Shiga, Japan.


The residence includes a courtyard sheltered from the street by a high wall.


Photographs by Takumi Ot.


Here's some text from the architect:


House of inclusion

This house, located in a new residential area, is for a 30-something couple. Surrounded by other houses, the design goal was set up to block out the outside world while avoiding too much closure, as well as to provide rich and sensuous spaces.


First, a small patio and a path connected to it were laid out between the living/dining room and exterior.They are surrounded by a wall that blocks off the line of sight from outside. Planting and pond are laid out at the patio, so that the picturesque images of green and water are viewed from the rooms.


Enclosed by walls that create indirect light filling softly the entire room, the house presents sentimental scenes here and there. The living spaces and the life lived there are enveloped by green and light, creating an affectionate environment.


Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2009
Site Area: 215,35m2
Constructed Area: 151,71m2
Photographs: Takumi Ot







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  • windbag

    great house, though these simple volumes of the exterior look better in white.

  • sylc

    wow…great house, this is one of the most spacially intrigued design in the recent years. In terms of handling space, proportions, composition of different elements (wall, cabinet, planter, tatami), it is a very well thought out building! Well done!

  • Maria

    This is such a beautiful house
    I wouldn’t have even painted it on the outside, just kept it the natural concrete color

  • anel

    _this arhitectural office is very ………….nice!!!!:)
    very simply, but very visible and strong- isn’t that the best,first off all….

  • sonj

    has anyone seen the weird combination of the wooden floor and the wooden kitchen / doors?

    dear dezeen, plaese show us drawings!

  • Nicely fluid interior spaces, lots of subtlety, but it is another example of an almost obsessively private Japanese house, what do they have against their neighbours?

  • great!!!
    I really like the inspiring space inside

  • g

    cracking japenese design, but as with all houses please provide plans & sections

  • Bruce


    Look at their neighbors houses.

  • Obviously designed for a sibling of the owner of the previously posted Kouichi Kimura house … I’d say they’ve got a pretty good chance of landing a job designing a holiday home for Dick Cheney.

  • One

    Looks nice but little too old fashin, more to learn from the recent minimalists such as Sejima?

  • ashtree

    nice sensual feelings around the interior of the house. as an image that is
    I wonder how this house differs from the neighboring houses-is it farrr much better that it can have an aggressive(?) appoach to a “house” typology..?
    to me just seems like an empty-non living space(some sort of art gallery)

  • Nice flooring and the color of the exterior is very rich. I sense there are no real plans to ever sit on that leather sofa or to really be relaxed.

  • Tyler

    “The residence includes a courtyard sheltered from the street by a high wall.” Sounds like a house of EXCLUSION to me.

  • This is wonderful. Whilst somewhat Gothic in it’s structure, it’s so Japanese in intent and execution. And those floors are fantastic.

  • wonderful, I want one!

  • While some people may see this design as one of "exclusion", I'm sure people who live in population-dense places such as Tokyo, Mexico City, or Amsterdam, will find that the design does much to preserve privacy.

    • Helge

      only someone who has never seen amsterdam could put it in line with tokyo and mexico city!

  • keti

    beautiful pictures! but i missed the plans!! since planning is The very important component of architecture, judjing is quite difficult without knowing the inside structure…

    beautiful spaces! and like in this case – it happens quite seldom when your eye can Not catch one detail you would have changed… :)

    –well offcourse i would have felt myself Very uncomfortable living in a house totally prived of any view to any landscape -or scenery outside…
    –but maybe the owner feels cosier being surrounded by just walls, so for this case- this house has amazingly light spaces.

    and one more thing i’ll add … there are beautiful plants inside, and (once more)- it really is very beautiful as an interior, but the value of a House is when you can have at least a tiny bit of yard where you can walk at least two steps bearfoot on grass… and filling the given piece of land with all concrete makes it not differ from an Apartment at all… well, it’s just my opinion…

    over all i just loved this work. my respects to the autors :)

  • 1plus2minus3

    So many 'Why's'…. it just doesn't add up to great design, for me.