House of Depth by FORM/Kouichi Kimura



Here's a fourth house by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects: House of Depth in Shiga, Japan.


FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects also designed the House of Diffusion, House of Inclusion and House of Vision in our previous stories.


This house is built on a deep plot, with open space in front sheltered from neighbouring houses on one side by a high wall.


Photographs by Takumi Ota.


Here's some text from FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects:


House of depth

This house is built on the lot 10 meters wide and 23 meters deep.


Despite its urban, closed appearance, the house has between the exterior and the interior a long approach that can be regarded as the intermediate zone relating to the surrounding environment.


Several areas where the line of sight is uninterrupted are provided inside the building, aiming to enhance visual depth.


Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Shiga, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2007
Site Area: 237,28m2
Constructed Area: 189,82m2
Photographs: Takumi Ota





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  • jed_

    i find all of these hermetic and isolating japanese houses that have been widely publicised in the past few years to be vaguely depressing actually. the quality of design is high but i can’t seperate it from what seems to be a highly unnerving trend.

  • its a spotless house…wonder how they keep is so clean….great job with the design too!!

  • Despite being highly stylized I do question the amount of light that really comes into these homes. There is a very suffocating quality to them – a bit like being in a luxurious coffin…

  • Hamid

    nice expresion!
    a very luxurious coffin!

  • a-haus

    I love it and wouldn’t mind living in one, only if I had a housekeeper to keep it clean and tidy. It’s clean and calming — I really hate clutter.

    Americans tend to collect a lot of stuff so I could see why it’s not fitting for our typical lifestyle.

  • juampi Z

    maximum expression of minimalism…

  • Tym

    coffin? cage? cubicle?

    a circle/square drawn on the sand? suffocating? limiting? constraining?

    it is space and how we define it, by giving it meaning, feelings and associations.

  • Somo

    an office overlooking the garage? so you can admire the limousine? It all feels very constrained. slightly james bond.

    Can’t help but wonder why so many of these have been featured in dezeen recently….?

  • slater

    Fantastic! Yes it is a little sterile, but what nice lines/forms, materials, and overall expression. I'd love to see a little more softness to it though, a home should feel a bit more comfortable than this "mueseum" of a home….but I still love it.

    • DerekPo

      This really reflects the tradition of a Japanese home… by one aspect more or less, clean hahaha!

      I wouldn't mind living in a home like this given that I grew up with a family who would zen as much of the house as possible.

  • leopoldo

    hermosos espacios y excelente eleccion de materiales……..
    gran obra

  • art gallery maybe

  • jo jo

    some sections would help us understand better, and maybe it might not be as bad if we understood it.

  • Excellent work, I like the style of Japanese architects mostly

  • 1plus2minus3

    Now this is some seriously good design… except for the open concept garage, I mean unless it's 100% electric, who wants to breath exhaust fumes? The rest of the house is beautiful! Cheers FORM/Kouichi Kimura

  • Antônio Marcelino

    The house is beautiful but the bath is kinda creepy.