Brauner Wegner Priehn centre for dentistry
by J Mayer H



Berlin office J Mayer H Architects have completed the interior of the Brauner Wegner Priehn dental practice in Hamburg, Germany.


The space is divided by plasterboard forms in blue and brown, and furnished with polyurethane foam chairs.


A wall that divides the waiting area from one of the examination rooms can be rotated out of the way, allowing the space to be used as a medical auditorium.


Photographs by Ludger Paffrath.


The information below is from the architects:


The centre for dentistry is situated in a medical center in Hamburg St. Georg, close to Hamburg's lively downtown.


Free standing core elements divide the open space into different programmatic zones. These elements host independent workstations, an x-ray room and different other medical facilities.


One rotating element next to the waiting area transforms a closed examination room into a stage for a medical auditorium.


Sloped tops of the cores contain indirect lighting with integrated luminous ceilings.


The color scheme in blue and brown shades moves freely from floor to wall to ceiling and gives the illusion of an endless space continuum.


Zentrum für Zahnmedizin/ Centre for Dentistry - Hamburg, Germany

Lübeckertordamm 1/3
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (040) 248 759 10

J Mayer H Architects
Team: Jürgen Mayer H, Marcus Blum, Hans Schneider, Wilko Hoffmann

Project: 2008
Completion: 2009
Client: Zentrum für Zahnmedizin Brauner-Wegner-Priehn

Architect on Site: Architekturbuero Franke
Service Engineers: Altschul dental GmbH/ Grill&Grill, Frankfurt
Lounge: Quinze & Milan

Function: Dental Office, Hamburg, Germany
Floor area: 400 m2
BRI: 1500 m3
Height of Floor: 3,75 m
Principal material: plaster boards, MDF, rubber, carpet
Designing period: 06/08 – 09/08
Construction period:10/08 –01/09


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  • monk

    A bit too scary for a dentistry, isn´t it?
    Some StarTrek o.k., but a dentistry???


    Great execution, but a bit too sci-fi indeed for a desntistry!
    In any case I would rather endure the pain in a cool environment…

  • j. mayer is a good boy.

  • fran

    Not as clean as before

  • Finally a good reason to pay a visit to the dentist

  • Dev

    Very nice but makes you wonder how much a filling is going to set you back.

  • JJ

    Not as clean as before I agree. However some minty fresh mouth wash over the walls would aid in the quest for cleanliness.

    Interesting relationship between the many architectural curves and the viscous property of aquafresh toothpaste?

  • kas

    there you like to go to the dentist

  • mec


  • Another supert piece of architecture by J. MAYER H. Architects…but Dupli Casa is still their greatest!

  • Angster

    just the thing to distract you from the looming root canal..

  • The colours are relaxing. But I am a bit sceptical about the chairs.

  • eduardo

    AIR, AIR, AIR or better: LUFT, LUFT, LUFT
    The ass will ache more than the teeth, sitting on those chairs!

  • lana

    is this case i guess the architect missed out, not his client’s brief but, his client client’s one… if i make myself understandable…

  • yes!

    please drill my teeth mr dentist!!!!!!

  • J*

    the plans looks like a palet with decaying teeth!! ha ha !
    good though, I quite like it. It gives us a break from these gloomy rooms…. “don’t worry, it won’t hurt you” sort of thing.
    And for once, a dentist is spending their enORMOUS wages towards their clients…

  • I like the concept, but those colors and those chairs. In trying to make dentistry cool, it’s really more annoying. A little too hysterical to trust getting a root canal.

  • Wow, Brauner Wegner Priehn has really modern (almost futuristic) style of dental interior. Interesting desing from J. Mayer H. Architects

  • the examination room is TERRIFYING !!!