House in Nagoya by Suppose Design Office



Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed a residence in Nagoya, Japan, featuring a room dedicated to plants. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


The house, situated on a narrow plot surrounded by neighbouring houses, accommodates the client's desire for a vibrant garden by including a landscaped "garden room" bordering the main living space.


The architects aimed to treat the rooms and garden in the same way.


Objects associated with interiors, such as paintings, appear in the garden areas while rock and flowerbeds overlap into the living spaces.


The designers hope that the constantly changing internal gardens will continually alter the appearance of the home.


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Here's some text from Suppose:


House in Nagoya

This Nagoya home features rooms designed for plants.


This home is built on a small, narrow plot surrounded by other houses, making the location less than ideal.


Responding to the client's desire to have a vibrant garden we suggested a design featuring a room for plants, a "garden room" in other words.


Essentially, in this home the garden, which usually exists in the so-called exterior, is incorporated into the interior as landscaping to surround the tenant's living space.


It was our intention to treat rooms and gardens as equivalent, and make the relationship between inside and out closer, by creating a design featuring this garden-like room so that things normally decorating a room such as art, books, and furnishings would in a way almost be thrust into an exterior space.


Rather than a design that begins to grow stale as soon as it is completed, through this design featuring the constantly changing and vibrant "garden room" we hope that the tenants daily lives will be richer than before.


Using this design as a starting point, we hope that words such as garden and landscape that had only been used for exteriors can begin to take on new and varied meanings, bringing vibrant and beautiful scenery into the interior of homes as well, and make architectural aesthetics more and more diverse.
















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  • stalle

    The original thinking from Suzhou Gardens, China… I have been there.

  • littlerock

    Look at the figs: the girls with books at the beam ???? lol

  • love the long an narrow entrance..

  • wow~
    very chic, minimal,,,and,,, a little bit nature~

  • Leedah

    stunning design and spaces, very relaxing
    but i would not want to sit on a thin bar that is higher than the ground floor and read a book
    i believe the plan is interesting as well , would like to see it

  • simply beautiful! but i agree… i would not be able to use a bathroom like that… i need some privacy when i take a poo! am i strange???? but anyway if the people who live there don’t care… then it’s simply amazing!!! an architectural poem

  • Saldivia

    Perfect for people who just get home for sleep. And no kids there!
    Minimal museum-like homes are great for magazines, but i’m not sure they can be that great for liiving in. Nobody can live with almost no furniture.

  • Hayden

    Quite possibly the most beautiful house posted on Dezeen this year.

  • I absolutely love the entire design. I would love to live here.

  • sullka

    there’s really no need for all those glass partitions, unless the garden is actually open ot the exterior at the roof (but doesn’t looks like it)

    I think about 70% of modern japanase houses, have a totally open bathroom (this one atleast has glass, some don’t even have it!) and the remaining 30% have a clear opening to the exterior.

    It’s a cultural thing I guess, but pretty weird, most of the houses are really “closed” to the exterior, really “private”, however, when it comes to bathrooms (the most private aspect of a house to me) it’s no holds barred!

  • sakshi khanna

    the most beautiful house posted on dezeen this year………..
    some doubts…but much more giving….
    damn cool…..

  • jax

    absolutely fabulous. love the elegant space, esspecially the high contrast between the vegetation and the white. love to see a shot with a person on the pot. wheres the privacy?? perhaps the intention is that the vegetation will fill out and provide a screen… even still, a bit open. i love it reguardless though.

  • admirer.

    May I track back to here –

    – for a little House in Nagoya2? [Now that I look closer, this post actually presents House in Nagoya2, too. Nomenclature Snomenclature.]

    Saldivia, you might like House in Nagoya 01 better. Form and function, putting the blank walls to use – a home, art gallery, and flower shop:

    A really interesting way of dealing with residential v. commercial.

  • rely simple but very good effect

  • Emily

    hmmmm…..what’s cooking? smells like….



  • Elena

    Oh my God….It’s amazing….And stop that thing about the bathroom!! Come on people. Of course there are going to be curtains…And if not, it doesn’t matter. This house opens another point of view and that is what is important.

    …And I love the entrance door too. It’s incredibly how it’s giving upon the trivial way of thinking.

  • Jürgen

    Looks much too cold for me … nothing to live in for longer time! Even a visit would be amazing …

  • Very Nice the places, comfort and sublism.
    I like me this perceptives of the arqchitect.

    Congratulations,from México

  • Mer

    Love the space, but don’t like going to the bathroom through kitchen. The mix is…..

  • xixixixixix

    That reading area…….is…so…dangerous….

  • Who could argue with the compelling simplicity, along with exciting innovations in use of space?

    But….that bathroom…

    I think all humans need more than just privacy IN the bathroom, we need discretion in slipping in and out of it too. Then…there’s the sound barrier.

    There’s some unrealistic idealism here in this concept. I can see mods for it in the future…

  • sillybug

    Possibly the first house ever to hire a gardener for the interior maintenance.

  • amazing!!!

  • fhs

    amazing, so clean…!!!! good touch. is this really a house for people live in? or this is just a model. because not yet furnished… i like every images. sky light designed well also…
    anyway… good design… exccellent

  • andrew41

    does anyone what’s the name of the tree that is shown growing quite high in the central garden space of this place? absolutely loved it. I have a similar space in my own place. mediterrenean climate

  • This is the most exiting thing that i ever seen today !

  • Jay

    EPIC FAIL!! A bathroom next to the kitchen? and no walls??

  • classic & Exciting space

  • vico · 60 weeks ago
    maybe am i retrograde or too conformist but i still dont understand the idea of having a wide view on the bathroom while eating in the kitchen…

  • Katana

    and if someone fell of that beam, that would hurt. free fall into rocks. ouch

  • Ellen

    This house is situated in Moriyama not in Nagoya (that's another)

  • Hadeel

    Beautiful! But like many other Japanese houses – safety comes last.

  • Mario

    Too white ‘n’ too bright. And who the hell had this idea of making the poop room transparent? How do you take a dump during a party? Or is it okay for you folks? O_o