VC1 Cufflinks by VOID Watches



Hong Kong-based designer David Ericsson of  VOID Watches has created a range cufflinks made on a CNC lathe and designed to fit standard industrial tools.


"I think there is something really interesting in the concept of creating jewellery in a standard factory using the same machines that pump out engine parts the main time," says Ericsson.


The cufflinks are made of recyclable, anodised aluminium in black, gold and silver.


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Here's some text from the designer:


VC1 - Cufflinks by VOID Watches


The latest addition to the range from VOID Watches is a pair of cufflinks available in three different colors: black, gold and silver.


The cufflinks are produced by a CNC lathe and made in 100% recyclable aluminum that is anodized for a strong long lasting finish, these cufflinks will last a lifetime!


Intrigued by making a beautiful object using industrial machinery, Swedish designer David Ericsson designed a pair of cufflinks that is the machine operators’ and the wearers’ best friend.


Every detail and angle is not only carefully proportioned, but also made to fit the machine and the tools by which they are made.


For example, the bottom angle in the cone in the front end of the cufflink is 118 degrees, the standard tip angle of a drill.


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  • Melissa V

    Simply and sexy! it is a good gift to my boyfriend.And i love the production shots. cheers M

  • Georig

    Love em. Great design process. Simple, industrial, elegant.

  • The tool is fought in the design process by most designers: understanding and using the characteristics of tooling as an aesthetic technique is under-explored. And in this case, rewarding and beautiful.

  • Horrible Haridas

    simple nice cool

  • Sabir