Ratchet Furniture by Harry Hasson



New Designers 09: Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication graduate Harry Hasson exhibited furniture held together using ratchet straps in tension at graduate show New Designers in London earlier this month.


Hasson designed the range to be assembled and dismantled quickly for people who move house frequently.


All of the furniture is made of coated plywood and is assembled without nails, glue, screws, or other fixings.


Watch a movie about the project here.

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Here's some text from the designer:


Harry Hanson
Ratchet Furniture

In a culture where young people are regularly moving homes, knock down furniture has become very popular and very cheap.


Sometimes cheap enough that people will often prefer to buy new products than have to disassemble their current ones to be re-built elsewhere.


I wanted to create a collection that is easy to assemble and disassemble, but will be robust and look good too.


All of the pieces in the collection are made solely of phenol-faced plywood held together with ratchet straps; no glue, no screws, just the tension of the ratchet on the wood.


It is a system that also makes use of the items around the home that are seldom used, so they become more functional while being stored.

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  • ralf

    I love it! Looks like an amazing DIY project.

  • Gustav

    Wow I love this project. It calls for an immediate ripoff…
    Also I love phenol coated plywood (in all its variations), it can be a truly sexy material, with loads of yet unexplored applications.

  • hj

    it’s like ikea furniture without the hex key, nothing more.

  • Widi

    I know, researching is boring and it’s hard to design simple and new things!
    Here is another sideboard.


  • mikaël

    @ alessandro: not even close! this table top is round and has 10 books stacked…

  • Guy on my course at trent did a carbon copy of the coffee table last year at freerange, maybe he saw that too. Nice concept thou

  • Robert

    these are awesome! I’d love to have this stuff in my house!

  • Xit

    Nice development of the ratchet idea into a range, as originality is concerned everybody knows Tejo Remy / Droog slammed this concept into the face of the design world, the rest is just trickle down…


  • Hack-Master Hack

    Every idea has already been done, nobody else saw that episode of South Park?


    I think it’s a wicked idea, and fantastically implemented.

  • Dominique Nagle

    These are really cool. Great use of colour and eco too!

  • Mark Harrison

    This is a good on many fronts and though the origins (as with most designs) are possibly inspired from somewhere else I applaud the exapansion of the technical possibilities as shown by the extended range. Bravo!

  • Sustainable, low, cheap and strong Design!

    Good stuff!!

    He may not be the first to do it, he will certainly not be the last one!!

  • Oddjob

    nice, but you cannot pile vinyl records like this! if you want to listen to them again, you shouldn’t sit on that board ;-)

  • Zabel

    First impression – meh!

    Second look elicited a better opinion.
    I like the phenol/ply and
    corner detailing of the entertainment stand.

    There’s a little sexy in those details.

  • Jiri K.

    Very nice and practical!

  • -M@

    this is better suited for a DIY project than “design”. Everyday people were doing this before designers. also, as surfaces this is a silly idea because you have a fabric strap there that’s uncomfortable to sit on and will absorb beer when you spill it. As shelving it’s very impractical for more than 3 levels of shelving. Some basic structural tests should have guided this design away from making tall shelving.

  • MarkyMark

    Better hope there aren’t any vinyl rarities in those two piles……….hopefully just scratched and battered golden oldies!

  • ruca

    where do i buy this?