Museum of Image and Sound
by Diller Scofidio + Renfro



New York architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro have won a competition to design the Museum of Image and Sound in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The building will include galleries, education rooms, an auditorium, a cafe, bars and restaurant, and an outdoor cinema on the roof.


Construction is due for completion in 2011.


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Images courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro.


Here's some more information from the architects:


Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011

The architecture of the Museum of Image and Sound takes Copacabana Beach as its inspiration: its coastline, its wraparound building wall, its mountains, and its distinctive beach promenade designed by Roberto Burle Marx. The promenade captures the key element of the beach—a space of the public in motion—on foot, bicycle and automobile. The building is conceived as an extension of that boulevard, stretched vertically into the museum.


The “Vertical Boulevard” gestures toward inclusiveness: it gently traverses indoor and outdoor spaces and branches to make galleries, education programs, spaces of public leisure and entertainment. The building inherits the DNA of Burle Marx but radically reorients his public surface upward into a thickened façade for the new museum. The vertical circulation sequence connects the street with the building’s entertainment programs—from the clerestory view into the Auditorium at street level, to the elevated Terrace Bar and Cafe, the Piano Bar at the third level, the Restaurant at the sixth, and outdoor cinema at the roof.


The building is also conceived as an instrument to observe the city in a new way. The panoramic view before it, overexposed to tourists in the hotels and restaurants of Copacabana Beach while restricted for many residents, is perhaps the central image at stake. Through framing strategies, the skin of the MIS curates this view for the visitor moving through the gallery sequence.

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  • Manan

    i like this trajectory of movement going over the facade.

  • rodger

    this vertical boulevard idea works very well in this context. an original solution with a lot of great moments… the building form is a bit ungainly and crude when viewed tangentially.

  • Stan


  • KT
  • archcritic

    eyebeam, but way more sicker

  • gab xiao

    Diller Scofidio are just repeating their NY Eye-Beam Gallery project. This time with angled corners… I wish to see that built somewhere though.

  • Yeah, Gab. Eyebeam 2.0. Eyebeam redux. They spend a lot of time refining schemes that go unused for some reason or another, they might as well put them to good use.

    I we could set up a gambling ring: customers would browse the DS+R website, and place bets on what projects were going to be revived in up-coming commissions…we’d be the architectural bookies.

  • saif

    for some reason I felt that this building should be swoped with the eybeam.

  • charles

    VERY 2004!!

  • jean claude

    I dont know whether Diller Scofidio themselves,will some day build one of their designs, but others are already building them…Like these Bulgarian guys here…who are actually building this in Sofia..the building is almost finished now….
    so very soon we will have a BUILT Diller Scofidio design which is NOT built by them…Internet is a great place for COPYING

  • erj

    Kind of love it, hope it gets built!

  • Bilal

    amazing. gives the eye the movement it need..

  • didn’t UNstudio already make this project?

  • tonto

    I agree with KT, I think……… Great post by the way KT!

  • alan the great

    i always liked dillerscofidio+renfro . but this is turning me off… are they recycling old concepts already ??

  • adi

    Maybe someone can help me please. I am a student of architecture and I do work on the structure
    How can I get the detailed plans of the building?