Music Cage by Nendo



Japanese design company Nendo have created a speaker shaped like a bird cage.


Called Music Cage, the speakers can play music from a computer over a wireless connection or from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.


Music Cage can be plugged into a wall socket or mounted on the ceiling.


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Photographs are by Masayuki Hayashi.

Here is some more text from Nendo:


A wireless speaker that allows you to listen to music from a computer or Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without cluttering a room with wires or cords.

Music-cage can attach to a ceiling-mounted electrical socket for light fixtures. You can also plug it into a wall socket for power, and attach it to our original floor or table stand to relax with music, just like birdsong from a birdcage.

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  • modular

    This guys wants to be the next Marcel Wanders…

  • Xit

    I get it, a bird sings therefore its cage is like a speaker, wow what a cunning simile dragged by its hair screaming.

    I think Nendo has talent in execution but I always find his initial concepts pretty shabby.

    Thought the same thing as Modular, the design is similar to Wander’s speakers, same baroque mofits but a more ridiculous overall form….

  • toodles

    all sorts of audio deflections happening here. I wish people would go beyond the appearance and actually concentrate on quality of the function.


  • student101

    lol… Marcel Wanders… what a burn

  • produced by AU

  • charlie chan

    I think…. what we should consider here is the fact that this product renovates “how” we treat the music as a recreational option.

    Sound quality may not hit the zenith, but treating sound and device as an interior element is quite laudable.
    I would love to enter a boutique or a salon where I hear music from this cute birdcage. Even visiting friend’s apartment for a tea would be a delight with one of these hanging next to our table.

  • Jr Rosales

    with a light under it, it will make a great pendant light as well. i really need one of those for my kitchen :)