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ASOBIO shop by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have completed a shop front and interior for Italian clothing company ASOBIO in Shanghai, China.


The floors and walls are covered with images of leaves, of varying size and clarity, intended to evoke the effect of a camera zooming in and focusing.


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Photographs are by Jimmy Cohrssen.


Here's some text from Nendo:


Fashion brand ASOBIO's first storefront shop, a spacious bi-level interior with a generous opening.


The shop's theme is 'focus', so we positioned monotone photographs on the floor and walls, and varied the size to imitate the effect of a camera’s zoom lens, and the sharpness to recall the sense of being out of focus.


These effects enhance the space with depth and continuity, provide variety and make the products on display stand out by appearing 'in focus' in contrast to the shop's own patterns.