Kiwa bench by Hyung Suk Cho



Korean design graduate Hyung Suk Cho has made a wooden bench covered in panels, inspired by roof tiles.


Called (Kiwa), the design is based on the roofs of traditional Korean homes.


The structure is made of birch plywood and covered in black-painted, wooden panels.


Here's some more information from Hyung Suk Cho:


‘瓦(Kiwa)’ is the design of the Korean series.


This is one of my university graduation project.


This is motivated from a traditional Korean-style house, Han-ok, which has the most beautiful outline made from tiles(Kiwa_attatched image).


The general shape of this work is designed as the tiles.


Not only the shape, but also it reinterprets the structure as a new language of furniture.


Therefore, ‘瓦(kiwa)’ becomes the bench which has a new sight of the figurative art.


kiwa type 1 is only construction. and kiwa type 2 is the final design.



Material: rugged panel & painting, birch plywood
Size: 2100*450*500(h)

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  • SD

    Interesting idea….. but simply not durable with all those attached tiles…

    As a designer, one should count practicality all the time.
    Otherwise, you’re an artist or self-indulgent designer.

  • SB

    I like this but i like the lines and structure with out the tiles better. well done

  • SallyWithers

    Is this bench meant for sitting ? And why would anyone fancy seating on a roof ?
    Ergonomically, the bench just doesn’t work. You’ll have to contend with an awkward positioning of your legs due to the protruding sides, a hard surface to sit on and not to mention constantly sliding towards the centre due to the curvature. What did the design school teach her ?

  • is Architecture a large furniture Or furniture a small architecture?

  • louis

    much prefer it without the “tiles”…..the structure is beautiful (why hide it?), and its form is reminiscent of a Korean-style house in itself, without needing to be clad.

  • paulo

    It´s a beautiful piece.
    Don´t know if it works as a bench. Don´t think so.
    But it´s a interesting development of the idea.

  • mil

    This is too much, for a simple bench?

  • deaw

    nice! well, absolutely agree with Louis. only the plywood structure is nice. to clad it with those tiles made it looks too architectural-like.

  • pacman

    …”scale to fit” and you could have a bad ass church, pavillion, house, hangar, warehouse, museum…
    …or a bench.

    i guess its fine.

  • if his marketing strategy is to enter in the new korean furniture museum , his stategy could be good..

  • It’s really elegant.

  • JP studio

    …well done…love the aesthetics…

    Ok, it might not be the most confy bench ever, but does it have to be?

  • nolok

    to mutch of everything
    please start seaving the environment

  • Likes it.

    I like it…a lot!