Bell by Industrial Facility for IDEA International


London Design Festival 09: at The Dock in London this week British design office Industrial Facility are showing an alarm clock where the back casing is formed by one large, loud bell.

Industrial Facility say that this improves the efficiency of the clock, using fewer components and creating a louder ring.

Called Bell, the alarm clock was designed for Japanese design brand IDEA.

The product is available in three colours, each inspired by a loud object: a fire bell (red), bicycle bell (chrome) and door bell (black).

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Here's some text from Industrial Facility:


Project: Bell Alarm Clock
Client: IDEA Japan

Description: Bell is a new alarm clock designed by Industrial Facility, who have been working with IDEA International of Japan to develop a group of products where design is engaged beyond novelty.

'Bell' re-examines the world of the analogue alarm clock; by moving the bell component to form part of the clock's body, it saves components, simplifies the appearance, and creates a much louder ring.

Bell is louder than a mobile phone, a desk clock or a watch.

This loudness is reflected in the choice of colours: Fire bell Red, Bicycle bell Chrome, and Door bell Black.

It features a no-nonsense interface with snooze control, moulded numeral display and LED illumination.

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  • Xit

    Nice revision of the classic alarm clock with 2 bells, not so seduced by the clock face, the dots & numbers seem disproportionate.

  • very nice, kind of braunish.

  • Phil C

    Love it!
    so simple!
    Some Braun influence at work here but that is no bad thing!

  • industrial facility… i love you!

  • mil

    finaly real good desing……

  • WM

    Numbers are nicely done, clear but not overpowering

  • Love it!

  • famul

    Epic !
    This is design.

  • I’ll take a black, chrome and red one please.
    Love the form and especially the subtlety of the numbers.