r5.5 by Jasper Morrison for Rado


British designer Jasper Morrison has launched a collection of watches for Swiss brand Rado at Vienna Design Week, which began yesterday.

Called r5.5, the watches are made of black ceramic with hands in steel or yellow.

The watches are produced in one size, in a matt or polished finish.

Here's some more information from Rado:



Introducing the r5.5. The stunning new collection from Rado, the pioneers of the use of high tech ceramics in the watch making industry for more than 20 years. Unpretentious and unassuming. Drawing on its unrivalled knowledge of the material, Rado has produced a range of timepieces that are designed to become a part of who you are. Absolute comfort is the ultimate luxury.

A synthesis of two talents. A watch, all in high-tech ceramics, designed by Jasper Morrison. A true reflection of his signature style.

Integration of the forms has always been a preoccupation for Rado. Today again, with this wistful aesthetic model. A distinctive square silhouette with curved edges, of which the radius gave the collection its name. The case exquisitely and expertly fuses into the bracelet and the links gradually reduce so it appears as one, perfectly hugging the wrist.

A chronograph reduced to the essential. Three hands, two counters, date at 3 o’clock, all lying under the flat sapphire crystal and activated through the gently curved rectangular ceramic pushers. The steel colored indexes and hands with white luminous sparkle together with the sunbrushed finish of the dial, a continuous entrancing and alluring play of light.

The basic models feature only the minimum, the fundamental. Three hands, date at 3 o’clock, gently lying under flat sapphire crystal and activated by the ceramic crown. The white luminous hands are brought to life by the stunning black sunbrushed dial. Deliberately only available in one size in black matt ceramics. Swiss made.

Movement: 10 ½’’’ ETA 251.471 quartz chronograph, 23 jewels, 2 pushers,
date at 3 o'clock, 30 min. and small second counters
60 seconds center counter
ADD and Split functions


case top black color ceramic polished or matt
black color titanium case back, with titanium screws
steel crown with black color ceramic cap
case middle part in steel


flat sapphire crystal
black metallized

Dial 015: black 12 steel colored indexes, minute track with Arabic numerals
Dial 016: black 12 steel colored indexes, minute track
Dial 017: black 12 yellow colored indexes, minute track
Dial 020: blue 12 steel colored indexes, minute track

Hands 015/016: steel colored hands and counters
Hands 017: yellow colored hands and counters
Hands 020: steel colored hands and red colored counters


black ceramic links polished or matt
titanium 3-fold buckle

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  • Xit

    Nice renders, nice watch

  • I’ve never been a particular fan of the styling of Rado watches & unfortunately the Morrison contribution will not change that. Competent & no more.

  • toodles

    how predictable. if i were to buy a rado i would buy a serious looking one. something sharp, stripped back and sophisticated. this just looks soft and over designed.


  • Yes, these are very handsome watches. I was curious as to how much they might cost, so I went to Rado’s website. They start at $995.00. That’s just a BIT beyond my means. I suppose if I was a doctor or a lawyer or an investment banker and had the overwhelming need to impress my peers, maybe. But I’m just a lowly HIV Prevention Specialist for a state health department, and all I need is something that will give me the correct time of day.

  • I like the black one, tough I think one with black hands would look even better.

  • Andy

    Jasper Morrison and his employees are a hugely talented team, but I thought people stopped wearing watches when Nokia released the 3210. ;-)

  • Hol

    What an anal name!

  • mil

    I like Jasper Morrison, but this clock looks chip and disposable. maybe is the picture.

  • Capstick

    I need the first one! … I love this

  • db

    Im finding Jasper’s recent consumer products, Samsung products and this watch for example, to be really boring.

    Very clean radii, but its lacking something.

    Looks more cheap than timeless.

  • Rational Al

    Watches will be obsolete soon enough….

    Come on Jasper – you have the leverage to impact meaningful change – sink your teeth into more projects that can make this a better world!

    Content critique aside, he is clearly the rational form Maestro of our generation, kudos. I used to say to myself “WWJD – What would Jasper Do?”

  • O.K. Doesn’t move me.

  • caid

    watches are also jewelry, so come on and shut your foolish mouths!