Ghost Stories, New Designs from Nendo at MAD


An exhibition of new work by Japanese designers Nendo is on show at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Called Ghost Stories, New Designs from Nendo, the show features new pieces displayed on white plinths.

Each platform is surrounded by white, circular stickers with a diametre of five milimetres, intended to give the impression that the plinths are melting into the floor.

The exhibition continues until 10 January 2010.

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Here's some text from Nendo:


An exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, featuring four new designs. Long rectangular slashes of windows run around the walls and ceiling of the gallery space we were given.

We decided not to build any walls that would keep visitors from enjoying the windows and the changing light that filters into the gallery.

The products, along with samples that convey a sense of the production process sit on pre-existing white stands, surrounded by small, 5mm-diameter white stickers affixed to the floor around them.

The stickers provide a gradation effect, as though the stands are melting into the larger space. The overall effect of the installation design is to maintain the space's specificity, while intensifying the presence of each new work.

"Ghost Stories, New Designs from Nendo" at Museum of Arts and Design in New York until January 10th, 2010.

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  • Cecekal

    The first picture is amazing. It seems there is fog in the room.
    Great job!

  • Cat

    I really feel for the poor sod who landed the job of sticking all those dots to the floor…

  • Nendo is indeed one of the most fantastic architectural and design practice I’ve ever came across. Their spaces are always so well designed. And these range of products are simply beautiful, as well as the exhibition design.

  • OMG I am dying with the white details on the ground, that fading away is incredible. I would love for my house to fade away into its surroundings just like that.
    I hope that those white stickers were on a vinyl strip, otherwise I feel sorry for the poor intern that had to stick them down.

  • The chairs installation gave me quite a shock when I first came upon it at the museum — the chairs really looked as if their legs were dissolving into the white floor or were floating above it.