Sake Bomb by Alexander Purcell


Los Angeles designer Alexander Purcell has created a container for serving Japanese sake, inspired by blowfish and sea mines.

Called Sake Bomb, the object comprises a ceramic vessel covered in spikes, which stabilise it on the table and accommodate four cups resting on top.

Here's some more information from the designer:


Sake Bomb Product Launch: Set Tabletops off with a Bomb

A compact new entertaining tool is now available to sake lovers and epicurean enthusiasts everywhere in the form of the Sake Bomb: a cleverly designed ceramic pouring vessel with four matching cups, perfectly timed for the holidays.

The Sake Bomb is designed by Alexander Purcell, a Los Angeles based product designer who says the inspiration is a juxtaposition of the Fugu Fish (Blowfish), the most opulent of sashimi cuts and a WW II sea mine. “The name is a comical take on the western slang for the same moniker meaning to drop sake shots in pints of beer” adds Purcell.

The ceramic bomb holds 8fl oz (235ml) of the traditionally Japanese drink and comes with four small beakers, which perch neatly on the spines, making it a compact accessory for any tabletop. Hand crafted in Los Angeles using traditional kiln methods, the slip cast ceramic keeps hot sake hot and cold sake cold!

The Sake Bomb is available in four different colours: white, black, orange and blue, complete with four cups.

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  • jon

    how do you fill it?

  • modular

    Jon, I believe the problem is not how to fill it, but how to clean it after being used.

  • James

    It’s a decanter! And it’s alcohol you do not need to clean it! How often do you clean your brandy decanter when it’s been sitting on the cabinet for the past 20 years.

  • Fugu contains lethal amounts of the poison. WW II sea mine is dangerous.
    What is the storytelling, what is the message of the designer? Is Sake dangerous or is it only smile design with an alcool container or is it a play with containers as Behart did with water bottle?

  • Xit

    What do WW2 sea mines have to do with the price of fish ?

  • Perfect. Alex can you bring me one when you come in London. Blue please

  • modular

    Holy Xit

  • sake bomb :please read wikipedia before naming and writing storytelling

  • Please check out it has all the information on the inspiration along with how to fill it… I am pleased to see the design is generating an amount of debate. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions

  • ericmenault

    show details to know how to fill it

  • I dunnot want to destroy your playful bomb(!?) .
    I’m more for a “design for life”, “design for humanity”…. and i like also smile design ….
    Detournement + biomorthing + zoomorphing + intriging form + intriging name + 2 inspirations +playfull +catching eyes + conversation starter = may be you’re right :you follow some lessons of design-management by Alberto Alessi …
    You are also open to debate and to you answer questions by Dezeen’s commentators…
    Prof Z, design +marketing+management…

  • I saw that also in a russian chrismas tree…

  • Really, sea mines blow! This is kinda sweet!