Fiscavaig Project by Rural Design


Scottish architecture firm Rural Design have completed a small timber house on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

Called Fiscavaig Project, the two-storey residence is raised slightly above the ground on short wooden columns.

The building narrows towards the north facade, which is entirely glazed to provide views over the surrounding landscape.

The entrance is reached by a small wooden bridge.

Here's some text from the architects:


This small holiday house, located in the township of Fiscavaig on the western side of the Isle of Skye, deliberately eschews convention due to its unusual site. Indeed on first visiting the site it was difficult to see how any proposal could succeed if it disrupted a landscape that did not lend itself to intervention.

The decision to lift the building off the ground on small piloti released the design from convention and allowed it to relate to the wider context - the views to the north and the sun from the south. The form of the house deliberately narrows to the north, reducing its surface area, and leans into the weather.

The entrance bridge lifts one off the landscape and immediately upon entering one is connected with the view through the fully-glazed elevation to the north. The other windows are secondary and draw light into the two storey volume.

Simple timber construction reinforces the character of the house as a visitor in the ancient landscape.

Ground Floor Plan. Click for larger image

First Floor Plan. Click for larger image

North Elevation. Click for larger image

East Elevation. Click for larger image

Detail: Click for larger image

Posted on Friday November 27th 2009 at 12:30 am by Ruth Hynes. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • facader

    it is beautiful, just wonder why the steel column is there…. kinda weird…

  • simple & perfect to the nature.

  • ARS

    I like it and specially the views! The idea of raising the residence above the ground is clever.


    A perfect marriage of building and landscape: The building is placed lightly on the land, and is immersed in the landscape.
    On the other hand, the material choice for the interior is questionable. It is not very strong it chosen for artful purposes it may be a product of building in a remote place.

  • George

    Is Rural Studio a franchise? Is the Alabama-based practice cashing in on its brand name?

    Anyhow, it’s a lovely project. I love the harmony between the OSB and the marshy land outside.

  • cpcp

    nice concept – lovely exterior… but interiors just look unfinished… and why is that fireplace right in the middle of the views??
    perhaps the client requested that so they can sit by the fire whilst taking in the views… other than that its location makes no sense to me.

  • beautiful – in a rugged and raw way, I like it!
    @facader – steel column? That’s the chimney flue.

  • Martin

    Ok.. I can’t resist, I’m gonna bite.

    Steel column??? Its called a flue! I’ve yet to see a timber flue (for obvious reasons).

    Sorry, but raising the residence above the ground as shown here isn’t clever, its simply using a very old and well established technique with timber buildings.

    Having said that, I agree its a nice building and grand site.


      So, so funny! However, I think the flue should have been black rather than polished steel. Definitely not made of timber!

  • CH-85

    The steel column is no wonder, it’s just a chimney pipe for the fire place if you take a closer look. Love the house and the views, maybe I’ll pay it a small visit next summer. When I’m going for a 1 month holiday, backpacking through Scotland.

  • Francesca

    Simply lovely house!

  • behzad

    Structural performance of steel columns are cumulative for earthquake risk. They have vibrating mode .


    To M.Martin, Not everything need be clever in architecture. Their are reasons traditional building techniques endure time, namely, they are efficiant and make sense. So, to state that “the raising of the residence above ground as shown here isn’t clever” as a criticism baffles me. Is building a concrete foundation clever? Is making a complicated system to raise a building clever?

    The strength of this project is its simplicity. The way they raise it is mearly perfect for the nature of the project.

  • – Love it, so glad that planning on Skye now allow wooden houses.

  • Tom Russell

    Earthquakes in Scotland!? Aye right.

  • tanya telford – T

    i love the way that from a distance i think it would just seem to be a wooden hut and yet its a bit special, being so considered and with amazing views, great place,