My Deer by Jeroen Wesselink


Dutch designer Jeroen Wesselink has created a stool that can be hung on a wall to resemble a deer's head when not in use.

Called My Deer, the design is available in black and white.

Watch a movie about the project here.

Here's some text from the designer:


My Deer, a stylish and refreshing stool, available in a black and white. If you don't need it, hang it upside down on a wall hook and presto, it changes into a colourful, sleekly stylized deer head. Ideal for public spaces, where the seats can be transformed into a decorative gaily-coloured herd on the wall in just a wink.

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  • Gianluca

    Fashion and Fashion magazine

  • sis

    ugly in both situations

  • w

    This has been around for well over a year.

  • kaptnk

    grumpy commenters!

    I like it. slightly absurd.

  • trevor

    slightly absurd but at least it’s a functional deers head unlike the numerous useless hanging deer heads out there! I like it! and yes this has been around for a good couple of years I think.

  • Zaedrus

    I’m with you Kaptnk.
    It’s absurd and gimmicky.
    Give me more!

  • Very nice! I like it!

    When not told, nobody would imagine the deer head can become a stool! Great for tiny homes that wanna make a statement both on the wall and on the floor and become the talk of your guests!

  • joshua

    Why my dear?

  • hj

    thought it was a sextoy in disguise…nice and smooth

  • Tyler

    It reminds me a lot of the sculptures the mom from the movie Beetlejuice did.

  • I love it.. great work!

  • aingeru

    I think it is very good ( 2 in 1 )…..

  • pop

    its perfect

    decorative and functional at the same time

  • What?!

    Extremely marketable, but the only negative is material durability. After a few uses as a stool, scuff marks will develop on the bottom surface. Normally not a problem until its hung up on the wall and where theres now noticeable scuff marks on the face and horns of the deer form. Not pretty.

  • Guido

    Buy or die, that’s the look on the guys face

  • Rik

    @ Guido: hahaha. :)

    But seriously … it’s a rather weird stool. Could this ever sit as nice as a stool not designed to look like a deer?
    I just don’t see this working overall.

  • This is a sexy seat.Great for love making.

  • xtiaan

    I think scuffing is gonna be an issue which is gonna make it look not so good when you hang it up

  • We’ve seen this concept before Called bullsit

  • dc

    agreeing with hj
    still trying to figure out what that thing sticking our in the middle is supposed to do