Mirror, Mirror by Jason Bruges Studio


London designers Jason Bruges Studio has completed an installation of digital "mirrors" at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Called Mirror, Mirror, the project consists of a series of LED panels with cameras that reflect surrounding activity.

The installation will be situated in the John Madejski Garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum until 11 April 2010 as part of Decode: Digital Design Sensations, an exhibition of digital design that opened last week (see our previous story).

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Here's some more information from Jason Bruges Studio:


Mirror, Mirror Goes Live As Part Of Decode: Digital Design Sensations At The Victoria & Albert Museum

The studio is delighted to announce the opening of our latest commission, Mirror, Mirror. This exciting new piece is on display in the John Madejski Garden from 8 December until 11 April 2010 and was commissioned by the V&A in partnership with SAP for the Decode exhibition.

Mirror, Mirror explores the concept of narcissism and the individual’s relationship with space and others. The playful nature of the work encourages you to explore the interactivity and consider the interconnected relationships.

The white dot matrix digital panels seem to float on the pond, awakening as visitors come into view.  Cameras mounted within the LED dot matrices capture activity in the garden and simultaneously reflect this back to the viewer; the animated images are then mirrored once again in the surface of the water, creating multiple reflections.

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  • Twitteresque

    love this project!!

  • rashid

    ok mmm i think the idea of having a (series of LED panels with cameras that reflect surrounding activity ) wasn’t bad but you really cant understand that from the pictures, and they really look like a huge lighters!

  • Interesting, but United Visual Artists (UVA) already did a very similar installation there a few years ago using a field of LED monoliths. First things first.