Chaneldrip by Pepe Heykoop


Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created a series of customized Chanel No. 5 perfume bottles by pouring foam over them.

Called Chaneldrip, the project was created for an exhibition earlier this year called 5.5 Icon meets Icons, curated by Al Sabah Art & Design.

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Here's some more information from Pepe Heykoop:


Chaneldrip is a serie customized Chanel nr 05 perfume bottles, commisioned by Majed Al Sabah.

Exibition: 5.5 Icon meets Icons, Al Sabah Art & Design , Kuwait.

The bottles 'wear' a coat dripped with foam.

They result from Animaldrip.

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  • jack the ripper

    oh , the original 1920 design is far too perfect to be played with ..

    non , non , non .

  • typist

    nope sorry. this says nothing. this shows a clear misunderstanding of Chanel. very shallow attempt at creating a new conversation. Also this foam/slime concept has been done by various designers in limited edition collections previously.
    A brand with such heritage as Chanel does not deserve such naivety.

  • Donald Waters

    ummm.. This is from a designer? No wonder Philippe Starck is trying to distance himself from the term. Would love to hear Mr Pepe’s ‘High-brow’ justification for this waste of space! Let’s get back to the world of the Artisan – someone who has real skill and creates items that are both functional, and beautiful, this is neither.

  • Domestique

    non non non….je suis désolé…mais non.

  • AA

    what’s the point of creating all this?

  • Viktor & rolf antidote bottle came up with the same idea (a while ago) and nicely achieved.

  • horrible haridas

    its like that famous conversation on modern art:
    observer 1: hey, i could do that…
    observer 2: yeah but you didn’t!

  • DVansteendoos

    Dear Dezeen,
    Beautifull how fanatic people can be!!!
    And happens to be, I’m very fanatic as well…
    My vote goes to “Studio Makkink&Bey”
    Greetings a Belgian WonderDoctor

  • johanirae

    Basically looks like a naughty kid pored wax all over his mother’s dressing table.

  • Arthur blur

    yeah a naughty kid that plays with wax. thats pretty common. now i understand this project. gee that designer sure is intelligent

  • Tyler.

    guys, its an art, irrational, nonuderstandable, stupid, it’s not a design, so don’t care ;)

  • xtiaan

    I really like this, its so beautiful

  • I like it too! Its such a contrast to what Chanel stands for..