Monster’s Footprint by MAD


Beijing architects MAD have created an installation of two large monster's footprints as part of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in China.

Called Monster’s Footprint in the Citizen Square, the project consists of 120 square metres of pink rubber sunken into the ground.

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Here's some more information from MAD:


MAD’s design for the Urbanism\Architecture Shenzhen & Hongkong Bi-city Biennale, the Monster’s Footprint debuted in the Citizen Square of Shenzhen.

It is a sunken space shade of a giant footprint, paved by pink EPDM material, functioning as the playground for the citizens in the city center.

Shenzhen is a village turned city overnight. Enchanted by the bursting power of economic development, the city center is filled with extensive, and yet indistinctive icons.

The coarse scale and preposterous symbolism of these icons have detached themselves from people’s daily experience. The Monster’s Footprint attempts to enter this very surreal reality, and offer a possibility for city dwellers to find their own freedom and joy in the Citizen Square.

Type: Public art installation
Material: EPDM
Size: 120sqm

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  • ying

    funny and intresting!

  • jm


  • Love this project: the idea that’s not a flat surface makes the space very engaging. and the colour is just perfect – pink, the colour of friendship.

  • Mandi

    Love this!

    Pretty sure MAD have read Pynchon’s Vineland

  • Martin

    Nice, I like it..

    .. but sadly only a matter of time before some bright spark sets one a-light and for China to finally have the largest carbon footprint in the world..

  • Rik

    Pink: the colour of freshly squashed children.

  • tanya telford – T

    i really like the fact that they have included play in this project, and think its so good how this biennial has been developed, seems really positive, looks like things are much more open and creative than when i was there a few years ago,

  • tk

    well done, …finally not chinese zaha…

  • ion

    cool, but what if it rains ?

  • kaptnk

    really good.

    I like the very smooth forms.

    Out of interest, how to they drain? or do they just fill up with water?

  • hahahaha. so funny !

  • shenzhen biennale

    they have small holes at the bottom of each bowls to drain water. similar to skate parks.

  • jed_

    they’ve clearly been reading Pynchon.

  • RAIN-> the pink epdm material is porous so water will soak trough. The material is also soft and spongy, good for kids.

  • Marc


  • Joseph