Stereotype by Daizi Zheng


Here's another project by Chinese designer Daizi Zheng who created the mobile phone powered by cola in our earlier story: this time a range of healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food, including these blueberries in a blister pack.

Called Stereotype, the project includes carrot sticks packaged like cigarettes and celery sticks in a french fry carton.

Here's some more information from Daizi Zheng:


'Stereotype 'is about helping people eat more healthier through their everyday habits.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unhealthy diet is amongst one of the leading causes of the major non-communicable diseases.

Can design encourage people to rethink their relationship with healthy food to gain a balanced diet?

The series of food packaging were created from the observations on personal behaviors.

Using the recognizable stereotyping packaging would make people feel more physically and physiologically connected with those daily objects.

By giving the good food a little make over, it could contribute the availability of healthy food and encourages people to make a change for their everyday life.

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  • tommi

    Errr, still can’t get a single blueberry out nicely!

  • nix

    interesting but a bit of waste with this package for a single blueberry

  • I like it as a concept and could see a really nice series of advertisements coming from this project. As a useful, marketable product I really don’t see the point.

  • Not the most efficient way to promote healthy eating…
    its creative in some ways…but should not be mass produced since it just creates more packaging waste

  • I don’t think its meant to be a practical method of packaging blueberries.
    I love it.

  • corner around the corner

    do you have images of the foil warper?

  • Selumbei

    Who said “design cannot save the world?” Well it was dead right in this context. Blister packs for blueberries? Actually putting any of these foods into any sort of pre-packaging is just plain wrong. C’mon – use your talents for something that’s useful AND beneficial to the planet.

  • Just smoked a pack of Caroloto lights. Its carroty goodness combined with a sharp hummus was just what I needed to take the edge off. Now I’m off to pop some blueberry capsules.

  • steve

    Tailored for richie rich ppl !

  • yamamoto

    Sorry but I just don’t buy the logic of the designer. Is there a need for all the excess and packaging just for a pack of cheap carrot sticks ? Isn’t that a waste of resources and environmentally un-friendly at all? Vegetables and fruits should be packed simply and economically so that it is within the reach of everyone.

  • Shanta

    I agree that the idea of putting packaging on products that have natural packaging- blueberry skin, carrot peel- is creating extra unneeded packaging waste. I know they are not supposed to be practical Zoran but it is still a project with an environmentally unsustainable solution. Carbon in the air is as deadly as blocked arteries, we shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other.

    I also think that the aim behind the project is that we need to change these foods to suit people. I think the design goal should be to change the people- they are the ones who are eating unhealthily- not the food. Perhaps a campaign for a punnet of blueberries to be cheaper and more easily accessible than a McDonald’s hamburger so many of us have the choice? Or is this the goal and the irony is completely over my head?

  • Martin

    I quite like the fries pack, but the others are just plain wrong.

    Surely they would open up scope for tragic confusion amongst toddlers.. if they get used to eating fruit or sweets from drug-like blister packs, or carrots from ciggy packs. The ciggy idea reminds me of the sweets that were around in the uk during the 70’s.

    Food is over-expensive and over-packaged as it is.

  • Rag

    Has everyone missed the point, or is it Daizi who has missed it?
    Isn’t this/shouldn’t this be more of a commentary on what what does exist now – how we already overpackage and/or how we treat healthy eating as a ‘medicine’?

  • mariap

    it’s useful for the ones who smoke .it’s an original idea

  • nix

    good point Rag, as a single provocative action- commentary, it appeals to me, as an end product not

  • This project nudges against the limits of the pathetic & I mean that in the sense of being both funny & sad. Funny if it’s a parody on extravagance & indulgence in design packaging; sad if there is any intention that it should be taken seriously.

  • KJS

    Best not to get the blueberries if you’re a schizo.

  • dcbcn

    How is this project any more wasteful than all of the electricity wasted by people like us sitting on the internet looking at blogs instead of actually doing something productive?

  • Amy

    Completely agree with Jeremiah! The brilliance is the concept; the dead on confrontation of consumers who make unhealthy choices! I seriously doubt Zheng’s suggesting this as a solution to how the world ought to package natural, healthy foods.

    Zehng’s pushing us to examine the choices we make….possibly even influenced packaging designers to be more conscious of our natural resources? Way to go girl!

  • Michelalano

    90% of you missed the point. This is more of an art/social project than a proposal for product design. It’s meant to juxtapose what we recognize as unhealthy things with healthy food. It’s fresh, interesting and inventive. Quit worrying about the envir0nment and take it as it is.

  • Gravy

    I don’t think we should put blueberries in blister packs because they will be crushed trying to get them out. Right? Won’t the blueberries be crushed?

    Carrot sticks in a cigarette pack is crazy. We don’t need carrots to be shaved into little cylinders. Crazy. Wasteful really.

    Celery… wait is this a mediocre commentary on consumer habits?

  • james

    I agree with Michelalano. Everyone is missing the point. This is just a conceptual design project making some sort of lame social commentary. These aren’t ideas for products that the designer seriously believes should actually be made.

  • Yup – as james, Michelalano and Amy commented – it’s all about the concept and the designer’s commentary – I applaud the designer’s approach in this project

  • ego sum paganus

    I applaud myself for actually reading all that crap

  • This is really awesome and clever.


  • Julián

    ¿Cuál es el objetivo de todo esto? ¿Hacernos pensar en la utilidad del diseño en el estado actual del planeta?