Dezeen’s top ten: churches



This month's top ten features Dezeen's most popular stories about churches, starting with this concrete project in Foligno, Italy, by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects.


2: at number two is this wooden shingle-clad church by Polish designers Beton, located in a small village overlooking the Vistula.


3: occupying the number three slot is the Farewell Chapel by Slovenian practice OFIS Arhitekti near Ljubljana in Slovenia.

4: fourth most popular is Dove of Peace by Beijing studio Sunlay Design, a church designed for Ordos in Inner Mongolia that has a plan based on a bird in flight.

5: fifth most popular is Sta Columbine Chapel in Bragança, Portugal, designed by architect Luis Ferreira Rodrigues of Porto.


6: the renovation of the Lumen United Reformed Church in London by Theis and Khan Architects comes in sixth.


7: next up is a competition-winning design for a new Macedonian Orthodox church for Zagreb by Croatian architects Bif-Studio.

8: eighth place goes to Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky for this church interior refurbishment in Eastern Bohemia, using customised design classics, rugs and chandeliers.


9: ninth is the reconstruction of a Catholic Church in Geroldswil near Zürich by Swiss architects Stemmle Architekten.

10: finally, our tenth most popular story about a church is Providence Chapel in Wiltshire, England, by Jonathan Tuckey Design.

That's it for now. Another top ten coming up next month.

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  • mendes

    where is the chapel of Peter Zumthor!??…the bruder klaus chapel
    i don’t believe


    The first looks awesome. Too bad it’s a church.

  • Tepp

    Famous Hungarian architect. check out his churches too!

  • yawn

    agree with mendes, sheer heresy that Zumthor’s chapel is included in this list!!! Should be at the top in my humble opinion….

  • fructal

    A small zion in a small Hungarian village, Sénye. Designed by Vadász György. Check it!

  • WGA

    It woud have been nice to know the aspects of this list, but the absence of Novy Dvur seems also a bit inexplicable.

  • Vladimir


  • Marcol

    Don’t forget to visit this chapel:

    in wood.

  • Francois

    Great projects

  • Max

    And Corb’s recently completed church in Firminy-Vert, France!

  • Obscurity

    Every one of these architectures looks unique and lovely…because architects are inspired and motivated in quite a different manner when they design a chapel/church, or because we know it is not vacant inside….

  • tanya telford – T

    i love the various sensitivities and structural poetry of some of these,

  • patrick dupont

    thats is greating good design for new world…

  • Tom from HCMC

    might i suggest next time doing a separate list for chapels, as their function and purpose is vastly different from that of regular churches… m2c

  • BB

    Have a look at:

    The new apostolic church zuchwil by swiss architects smarch…

  • alex

    i tend to think Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church ain’t bad.

  • nulla

    The wooden one by Beton is humble as a church should always be. Great job.